Need help deciding what to do for your senior pictures? Here are some helpful tips.



There isn’t a limit to a number of clothing changes you can bring at Photography By K, so bring lots of options to choose from. While you may not end up wearing all of your outfit changes, it’s a good idea to bring extras to help us match your clothing to different backgrounds and surroundings.

Place all of your outfits together on hangers. Make sure that your items are ironed and ready to go. Change quickly, because less time changing means more time for pictures. The more pictures we get the better, because you will have more photo choices later.

Make sure that you are comfortable in your clothes and that they flatter you. You’ll like how you look in photos much more when you’re relaxed and comfortable. Don’t wear clothes that will make you self-conscious. For example, if you aren’t comfortable with bare arms, avoid wearing sleeveless, cap-sleeve, and tank top shits, as they make arms look fuller.

Bring a variety of colors and styles. Bring some casual and dressy clothes, as well as some in between. If you feel comfortable in dresses, bring some! They photograph well and will give you more photo choices to choose from.

Watch out for large logos…when changing positions, the words rarely match up, and sometimes create interesting new words that you might not want in your portrait. Finally, avoid stripes and plaid. Busy patterns don’t photograph as well as solid ones.



Ladies, bring heels! Whatever style, casual or dressy, they make you stand out. You’ll look fashionable in them and will love the way they make you look. Now, that’s not saying you can’t wear flats too. They can work really well when partnered with the right outfit.



Well-done makeup is one of the best things you can do for your session. It can even out your skin and help you look even more like a model. Bring along powder, to help curb shine mid-session, and don’t forget your lipstick or lipgloss for touch-ups along the way. If you don’t typically wear makeup, call us and we can give you a great referral for a local makeup artist.

Also, bring hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray. We want your hair to look it’s best during the shoot, and having some of these will give a quick fix if your hair isn’t cooperating.



We can’t say this enough, get your nails done! Your nails will be visible in your senior photos, and if they’re chipped it will distract from you. Try to stick with basic or natural tones, since not all colors will match all of your outfits.


Bring props that show who you are! If you’re into sports, bring the equipment, like a soccer ball, basketball, or track shoes. Bring your uniform, the instrument you play, and some other activity related items.

Most importantly of all is don’t be afraid to be yourself! These photos capture who you are in your senior year. Bring what you feel shows who you are. Don’t be afraid to wear something that is a bit out of the ordinary. For example, check out Kashvi’s traditional Indian chaniya choli. Don’t be afraid to be unique!




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