When I was a kid, I remember getting dressed up for my annual Christmas program at church.  My mom would dress my sister and I in our new holiday dresses, tights and shoes, and we would even get to wear lipstick.  It was a big deal!  Then, we would head to church, where we’d all take the stage and throw a few elbows to get to be the closest one to the microphone at the front row and sing the usual rounds of Away in a Manger and Silent Night, while the parents in the audience would take pictures and clap happily (despite the fact that we’d absolutely ruined their eardrums for the rest of the evening).  I have fond memories of these events.

Christmas programs aren’t what they used to be.  Now, they seem to be all-out productions, including story-lines and costumes and lighting and…even…SANTA!

This is my niece’s Christmas program at her school:

A decorated set, narrators, and a full chorus.  🙂  I must say, her school puts on quite a show!  Just check out some of the kids’ costumes:

Crazy, am I right?  But, it was absolutely adorable!  My niece was a sleeping girl; they sang a song about getting slippers for Christmas:

…and yes, she is absolutely missing her two front teeth this year! 🙂  Oh, and the kicker for this program?  Santa totally made an appearance:

Nope, Christmas programs aren’t the same.  They’re so much better!


  1. Beautiful shots Kathy. The kids look like their having a lot of fun : D

  2. julie Ostrowski says:

    There were a lot of talented moms in that program ! Nice costumes! The kids looks great!

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