Collin may look familiar if you happen to frequent my website and/or blog.  That’s because I work with Collin’s mom at Danberry – she’s my “partner in crime” if you will 😉 – and we’ve done some family pictures before (see here and here to refresh your memory).

Collin just happens to be a senior at Maumee HS this year, and is graduating in 2012.  We decided (and by “we” I literally mean his mother and I…why is it that most senior guys are reluctant about the picture taking process???) to take some portraits at Sidecut this fall.  We had an iffy weather day.  It was a bit windy, the rain threatened, and it was a quite literally gray.  I love shooting in gray skies though, because the sky is like one huge soft box…lovely light!  So, off we went!  I think we even got Collin to smile a few times….

Love that last one.  You can even see the rain, which I think is super cool.  Of course, thinking back, Collin probably doesn’t think it’s so cool, considering I kept him out of the nice toasty warm (and dry) car just to capture the shot…Collin, will you ever forgive me?  The next one make up for it with the awesome fall colors!

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