BABIES, BABIES, BABIES!  That’s me shouting…babies are sooooo precious, and little teeny tiny girl babies are sooooo cute!  Recently (and when I say recently, I mean YESTERDAY) one of my co-workers gave birth.  And?  She graciously let me come to the hospital TODAY to snap some photos of her brand-spanking new baby girl, Lilah Jean.  (p.s. – love the name Lilah Jean!  Of course, I could be a bit biased, because my own middle name just happens to be Jean, but I digress…)  Here are just a few of the photos that I stole while I was visiting.  I can’t wait to share more, but I simply couldn’t stand keeping these few to myself any longer.  Debbie, your daughter is beautiful!  Congratulations to you and Mike, and enjoy your time at home with the family!


  1. She is adorable!

  2. Oh my gosh – she is soooo adorable! So happy for Debbie and her family 🙂 Cannot wait to see more pictures and meet Lilah in person. Great job, as always, Kathy!

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