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Deb Gedert asked us to take some photos of this nice pool house. We loved it! What do you think? Check out Deb’s website to see more of 6355 Nassau Court!6355 Nassau Ct, Gedert

A few weeks ago, Carol Dimas asked us to take pictures of a house on Linden Lane. While it was a beautiful house, we thought this room full of guitars, a keyboard, and speakers were pretty cool, and especially wanted to share! Check out Carol’s website here to see more!8745 Linden Lake Guitar, Dimas 8745 Linden Lake, Dimas

Holly Moungie with The Danberry Co., Realtors recently asked us to take pictures of one of her houses on the market. We liked it so much we had to share it with you! What do you think? Visit Holly’s website, to see more! 8.17.15 - 2133 Secor, Holly Moungie

We’ve started photographing more houses for Beth Rose recently! The first picture is her own home, which is on the market. To learn more about her house or the other houses she has on the market right now, visit! 2015-07-31_00017.27.15 - 4408 Drummond Beth Rose

Here at the studio, we’ve been photographing numerous houses that are for sale. It is the time to sell after all! Check out these!  5.19.15 - 16480 N. River Rd., Friesner 5.20.15 - 3961 Woodhurst, Feeback 5.21.15 - 2438 Notting Hill, Gigax 5.22.15 - 48 N. Melody Ln., Gedert 5.22.15 - 2438 Mission Hill, Friesner 5.27.15 - 567 Fox View Ct., Gedert 5.31.15 - 2651 Weleyan, Zink 5.31.15 - 2914 Oxbridge, Zink 6.1.15 - 6842 Erie, Zink

Kathy photographed a house in Lamberville, Michigan last week! Check out more of Karen Kelley’s houses at!

12173 Jefferson

Kathy photographed a Toledo home for Jody Zink & RE/MAX Preferred Associates. To find out more about this home, please visit

3541 Beechway 4655 Dovewood[1]

Kathy did two homes in one day for Deborah Schoen-Gedert & The Danberry Co., Realtors! Both homes are gorgeous! Want to find out more? Visit!


2107 Ottawa River


Kathy photographed two houses for Jody Zink in one day! Both of them are very beautiful! Want to learn more? Visit Jody’s website here6062 325th St

7407 SR 110


This beautiful Napoleon home is for sale by Beth Rose & Loss Realty Group . To find out more, visit!

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