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Krakow was probably the most powerful city we went to. We visited Auschwitz while there and it was a deeply emotional experience. As you could read in my blog about Warsaw¬†(remember I’m doing a short blog about each city), we went to a Jewish cemetery. It was strange to think that more than five times more people died at Auschwitz than there were graves at the cemetery, but there were no headstones for those killed at¬†Auschwitz. I thought the camp looked so beautiful from a distance and with the architecture that it seemed crazy that so many horrible things happened there. Judge for yourself. Here are some photos from the camp:

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Well, once again, on a brighter note, there were so many fun things to do in Krakow! It was a beautiful city, definite the most welcoming. There were amazing castles and scenery. One of my favorite photos is the first one on the top right. The city was very stormy and rainy while we were there and I loved how the cloud looks above the castle. One of my classmates also bought a skateboard and let me try it out, so I skateboarded through Krakow a few times! Plus, since there was an old castle, much of the city was made to look old. In fact, they had a specific place in the city called old town, where there were horse drawn carriages. I got to pet one. Doesn’t he look so cute in his little viking helmet?!

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Stay tuned for my blog about Budapest!!

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