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Hi, and welcome back to Photography By K’s blog. As you can tell, it’s been fairly deserted yesterday. Lots of changes have been happening around the studio, or should I say not at the studio, since it’s only been Roxanne there on her own!  While I’m sure most people check Facebook for all Photography By K news, I wanted to write a short recap of everything that’s been going on at the studio before I continue with normal blogs.

Let’s start with the boss, Kathy. She’s moved to Jacksonville, Florida! Jason accepted a new position with Southeastern Grocers, and the rest is history! Kathy hired Roxanne as our real estate photographer. We aren’t doing portrait photography anymore. However, Roxanne is doing a great job at all the houses she’s been photographing!

Now, I’ve also moved. While I wish I could have moved to Florida with Kathy, I’ve started college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While I can’t help Roxanne with taking the photographs anymore, I’m still working with Kathy, especially as she’s getting settled in at her new home. I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, as I’ve been getting settled in my new home and adjusted to college life.

So, now you’re all caught up! I hope your excited as I am as more posts start coming from the Photography By K blog!


Last Saturday was my senior prom. It was so exciting to spend a night with my friends dancing to music! Kathy agreed to take some photos of my friends at the park, but the weather wasn’t great, so we instead went to the studio. Here are some of the photos that Kathy took of my friends!

Here’s a photo of all the couples and our eleventh wheel, Thomas. The one that isn’t wearing a tuxedo is Sam. He wanted all of us to dress up as different superheroes, but everyone backed out, except him. Oh well, Sam.


Oh, and speaking of Sam, Kathy and I thought it would be funny to give him a superpower in Photoshop since he was Batman. What do you think?


Here’s a photo of Jacob and Thomas. They didn’t go as a date, but we joke that they’re a couple.


Here are photos of all the girls and guys (silly and smiling). Chris wore crazy striped socks, so the guys were making fun of him for that:


2016-05-19_0008 2016-05-19_0007

And finally, here’s the whole gang, including our bachelor, Thomas, as the star of the photo.


Prom was amazing and so much fun. I’m really glad Kathy could get these cool shots of us for our final prom altogether as friends! I hope you enjoyed my atypical blog post today. I promise I will get back on track soon with a new segment, but I have a surprise for you all next week. Come check it out next Friday! 😉

Have you ever wanted to take a photo of say, a beautiful sunset, only for the landscape to be too big to fit into one photo? Maybe you get frustrated, wondering how you could fully reveal the magic of a bright, colorful sunset. Well, stress no more! There’s a camera mode on your iPhone that can do that!

I found this camera mode through my thorough exploration of the iPhone’s camera and I’m hoping that you have enjoyed this little journey I have taken you on. However, today is a bittersweet day, as we are on the last camera mode on the iPhone. Don’t fear though because I plan on writing a few more blogs about the post-processing that you can do on your photos using apps found on the App Store. Anyway, that’s my plan for the next few weeks. In the meantime, let’s figure out how to use the final mode on your iPhone!

Now, let me first explain how panoramas work. Really all the camera is doing when you take a panorama is stitching the photos together. This means it is important to keep a steady hand and follow the cameras directions when taking the photo. I’ll explain more later.

In order to take a panorama, we need to open the camera on your iPhone.  After opening the camera, swipe to the left twice. This will put the camera into ‘pano’ mode, which should be in yellow at the bottom of the screen. In the middle of the screen there should be a yellow horizontal line with an arrow pointing to the right, like I show below. While right is the default, if you tap on the arrow with your finger you can take the photos from right to left, where the arrow is pointing left. This is another way to know you’re in ‘pano’ mode as well.


Now, press the shutter button. After this, you will need to slowly  move the camera across the landscape you wish to photograph. While taking the photo, you will have to follow the instructions on the screen. It will most likely tell you to slow down, move the camera up, or move the camera down. It is important to follow these directions. If you don’t, your photo will look wonky, like I show below.  Try to keep the arrow on the line when taking the photo. This way it won’t look as strange and having black boxes in the photo where the image was not taken. Also, if you go too fast, sometimes you will get what jagged lines. Look at the photo I have below. Look at the computer. See how it’s not a smooth edge? I either went too fast or moved the camera a way I wasn’t supposed to.


And that’s it! Panoramas can be difficult to get down, but they are amazing once you’ve figured them out. Now go share your beautiful sunset photos with your friends and family! Here is my completed panorama of the studio from my desk.



Nearly 100 million people in the United States today have iPhones, yet many people don’t know how to use them. Later generation iPhones have greatly improved their camera. With the iPhone 6 having an eight megapixel camera, it competes with many point and shoot cameras on the market today. So, in order to help people use these cameras, I’m going to spend a few weeks demonstrating each camera function. For starters, let’s begin with the left-most setting: the time-lapse.

Okay, first thing is first: what is a time-lapse? A time-lapse is a form of video where a series of photos are taken at timed intervals. When played all at once, it gives the illusion of a sped-up video. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Let me show you how it’s done. First, open the camera on your phone. You can do this several ways. From the lock screen, you can swipe up on the camera to take photos without unlocking your phone. You can also open the phone’s camera by touching the camera app or swiping up after unlocking the phone.

From here, it’s important to keep the phone in the same place while it takes the video. If not, your time-lapse will look wonky. Kathy recently bought an inexpensive iPhone tripod that I can use. While it’s not as advanced as the ones we use with our cameras, it gets the job done. So here’s what Kathy and I did to experiment with our iPhones. We went out to the studio and set up our camera/tripod duo and went to town. Kathy watched from behind the camera and took a time-lapse as I tied my boots. In total, this took a minute or so, but as you can see below, the video is only five seconds long. This is because it only takes photos in intervals, in order to speed up the process. Check it out!

Secondly, videos are fairly understandable. When taking a video, I highly recommend taking it horizontally, rather than vertically. Actually, this should go for all photography and videos. If you can, take it with the phone sideways. There’s actually a good reason for this. Besides it being irritated to watch a video on the internet with a black curtain on either side, our eyes are next to one another, not on top of each other! Taking a video this way fills the entire screen as well. 

Those are my tips this week. Next week, I’ll be tackling slow-motion video. Hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two! Additionally, if you’ve tried out your new skills with a time-lapse, send it to us! We would love to look at it!




Holiday Session Number Two! The Roberts Family came in recently to have some photos taken, and even brought their dog, Frank! It was fun to take these photos of John, Macy, and Lexi, I especially loved the pictures we took of their youngest, Liz. Happy Holidays to the Roberts Family! 2015-12-14_0002


A few weeks ago, Kathy and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of Taylor! Taylor and I go pretty far back, being best friends in elementary school, and still being friends today. I told her about my job and working for Kathy and she really wanted Kathy to take her senior pictures! I’m so glad they turned out so beautifully!

Taylor is a senior at Toledo School for the Arts majoring in music, and she tells me she loves it! She plays the guitar, and used to play the clarinet, but tell us she doesn’t have as much time anymore to play it. While we got lots of gorgeous pictures of Taylor, I also had to throw one in here of her with her mom, Tracy. Taylor isn’t sure where she is going to school yet, but she says she wants to continuing performing with her guitar. Rock on, Taylor! 2015-11-16_0002

These past few weeks have gone by so quickly! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun (or maybe it’s because we have been so busy)! I can’t believe it’s been so long since a blog post. So much has happened here in the last month or so, I’m not even sure if we can get it all into one post! Let start with some portrait sessions…

We’ve been so busy with senior portrait sessions lately. Since so many are done in the Toledo Metro Parks, I’ve gotten to know them fairly well. Check out some from our recent sessions! Individual articles will be coming out about each of them soon, but here are my favorites photos of Taylor, Lexi, Kasvhi, Reily, Julia, and Sam from their sessions!2015-11-16_0001

We had so much fun taking Bailey’s senior pictures! We went around to different places in Toledo, like the Botanical Gardens and Downtown. Taking photos in Downtown Toledo was so much fun! She was very adventurous, we tried using graffiti, bike racks, and even alleys as props! Bailey is a senior at Notre Dame Academy who is looking at going to the University of Toledo to study pharmacy. Good luck this year Bailey!Bailey Simon


In October, Kathy did some beautiful senior portraits for a friend, Melanie. Melanie goes to school in Vermillion! Spring of 2015, she will be graduating! She plays volleyball in school and her goal is to attend Kent State to study zoology. Isn’t Vermillion such a beautiful place to photograph in the fall?


A few weeks ago, Kathy had the fun opportunity to do Michelle’s senior portraits! They were done at the studio and around Wildwood park. Michelle is a senior at St. Ursula, graduating June of 2015. She plays golf, and wants to move away for college, but we don’t know where yet. Good luck Michelle!

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