Lifestyle Photography…Your life in focus!

418When it comes to photographing portraits, Kathy considers herself a non-traditional, lifestyle photographer. What is lifestyle photography all about? “Lifestyle” means that Kathy will be capturing you and your family/friends or even your cherished pet in the way that you normally interact. She takes a more photo-journalistic approach during your session rather than a studio one, using the natural light of the outdoors whenever possible. Sure, she’ll pose you for a group photo, but then she’ll hand you some suckers and say “Okay, now everyone lick on the count of three!” just to see what will happen. This means that she guides you into interactions and scenarios and then stands back to capture the results. The outcome? Natural laughter and smiles, and relaxed photo sessions with no uncomfortable and forced expressions. The real you; your life in focus.  Sure, her photo sessions last longer than a traditional photographer’s would, but Kathy is sure that you’ll agree it’s worth it!

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