Quick question – have you read the “Preparing for…” series on my blog?  No?  What are you waiting for!?!  Click here to read all of the goodness about how to prepare for many different sessions types offered at Photography By K!   Or, keep reading the FAQs if you are more of a Q&A kind of person.  🙂

Q: What locations do I have to choose from? Can I use multiple locations?

A: I have a small studio, but tend to work with natural light as much as possible, so you should plan for your session to be outdoors. I have met clients in a variety of locations in and around Toledo, and I can even do our session at your home in your very own backyard. If that doesn’t seem like something that interests you, there are quite a few parks in the area that provide wonderful backdrops. Here are just a few examples:


North: Dundee, LaSalle, Luna Pier, Monroe, Temperance

South: Bowling Green, Grand Rapids, Maumee, Perrysburg, Waterville

East: Fremont, Oregon, Port Clinton, Sandusky

West: Swanton, Sylvania


Q: What should I wear? Can I change clothes during the session?

A: Families – I recommend simply trying not to clash! Matching isn’t required, but make sure that your colors complement each other. With large groups, the same rule applies, and the smaller units within the group may want to match, with each separate unit complementing the others. When planning for groups, the one and only rule – the person in the brightest color will always stand out. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, if that person is meant to be the center of attention for the day, but always keep that rule in mind when choosing attire.

Children – comfort is definitely key! Kids are happiest when they can run and jump and sit, so just make sure to bring an extra outfit or two (just in case!).

Seniors – feel free to bring as many clothing changes as you’d like. I’ll help you pare down a bit on the day of the session. Typically, you’ll want to bring something casual, something a bit more dressy, and possibly even a shirt/tie/jacket for guys and a dress/skirt/blouse for gals.

Ultimately, you should think about where you want your photos displayed before deciding on your clothing choice for the day. If you are trying to fill the void above your fireplace, and you have a neutral palette in your home, then a punch of color may be just the ticket! If you’re aiming for a framed print to give as a gift, and the recipient’s home is decorated in burgundy, then please don’t arrive in day-glo orange from head-to-toe! 🙂

People ask me this question frequently, and my one and only rule-of-thumb? Be comfortable!

Q: How many people can come to my session? Can I bring my dog?

A: For individual sessions (like Children and Seniors), a few extras never hurt. For a child’s birthday portraits, for example, Mom and Dad and Brother/Sister are more than welcome to join in for a few group shots. For Seniors, I always recommend having a parent, sibling, or best friend join in.

For large groups, I would simply ask that you call ahead. Special pricing may apply for groups larger than 15 people. Getting everyone together is the hard part; once you’re all there, we might as well snap a few individual and individual family shots, too!

Pets are always welcome! Please just call ahead if you are planning to bring more than 2 pets to your session.

Q: What if it rains?

A: Cloudy skies are actually a very good thing. Sometimes, the sun can bring harsh shadows and make unflattering pictures. But, actual rain makes taking photos outdoors nearly impossible. I make it a habit to keep my eye to the sky (and the to the Weather Man) during the days preceding your session. If it looks like it might rain, I’ll touch base with you even as late as a few hours before your scheduled session. If it is raining or the weather has made conditions unfavorable, we may opt to reschedule your session for another day or time. Say it with me…”rain, rain go away”…

Q: How much does it cost?

A: You can find all of the pricing details about sessions and prints on my Pricing page. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions.

Q: How long will my session be?

A: Session lengths vary by type. Details about session times can also be found on my Pricing page.

Q: Is there an extra fee for photo re-touching or black & white (or other) finishes?

A: NOPE! All professional re-touching and finishing is included in your session fee. I will edit your photos before your proof gallery goes live. If I feel that a photo would make a more powerful impact in black & white, I take the creative liberty to make that happen. I will also smooth all wrinkles and blemishes before posting your photos. However, if you have a different vision and would like something altered in any way, feel free to inquire. It can’t always be done, but I can always do my best to try!

Q: How do I order pictures, and when will I receive them?

A: We’ll schedule a Proof Session where you can come to my studio to review your individual photos and make purchase decisions. Expect for this Proof Session to be scheduled approximately 2 weeks after your photo session. From there, you may decide to purchase a package or purchase prints a-la-carte. I offer flexibility so that you can purchase what you want and leave the rest behind!

Q: I don’t want prints. Can I order a digital CD of the pictures taken during my session?

A: Absolutely! Please feel free to contact me directly for a few more details about this option.

Q: I want something that I don’t see in my shopping cart. Can you provide other products?

A: YES, YES, YES! I can offer quite a range of print products through my favorite print lab, tied to your shopping cart. Additionally, I’m always on the lookout for new and different products, and therefore, I have built relationships with several different reputable companies who all provide unique portrait products. If there is something that you’re looking for, or even if you don’t know what it is exactly that you want…feel free to chat with me. I’d be happy to dig around and find a product that will precisely meet your needs!

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Please Contact Me today!

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