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20142014…and I finally, FINALLY created the new website!  I was supposed to get that done in 2013, but better late than never, right?!?  I’m excited about the new, clean, look and feel to the site.  I’m just as excited to hear what you think about it, too, so let me know!

Take a gander at the new and improved “About Me” page over at Photography By K.  The update has been long over-due. 🙂

About Photography By K

About Kathy

So…I have been very blessed to be able to expand my business and work from home, entirely for myself this year.  I have done so with the support and continued business from many clients.  These two are especially important, because they have helped pave the way for me to leap into the Real Estate Photography world.  Without them, I might have time to sleep wouldn’t be nearly as successful in Real Estate Photography! 🙂

Recently, I embarked on a project to assist Kristie Feeback in getting her new blog design live.  She worked with Green Tangerine Design to create the awesome layout and graphics, and I helped her get the content in the right place and get to the point where is out there for the world to see!

Also, Kevin Warren and his team (The Warren Group) asked me to assist them in creating a Social Media Plan.  At the center of that plan was a blog that I actually did build (well, as much as one can say they “build” things that live on the blogger platform, anyway).  Check out to see it in action!

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