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Come visit us this Thursday for Downtown Sylvania’s Downtown Delights Chili-N in Sylvania. Benefits Sylvania Family Services and the Sylvania Historical Village. Come and vote for our “Chorizo Chili Jack Attack” ! Other merchants downtown will be having chili tasting as well . Who will have the best? It will be a yummy good time! Stores will be open until 8 so come get your holiday shopping started!

Yep, I’ve made the transition.  My “small event” packages now include boutique wedding events.  What’s a “boutique” wedding?  Weddings with less than 100 guests, where the wedding and reception are held in the same location. 🙂

Here’s an example from the Farrell-Basilone Wedding at Mon Ami Winery on Catawba Island.  MJ and Rick were wed on Saturday, January 19th, 2013.  What a great, fun, family to meet!  I had such a great time partying with this crowd…here’s just a quick sneak peek of their nuptials:

…let me tell you about The Danberry Treasure Chest Charity Auction.  Every fall, The Danberry Co., Realtors put on an auction that benefits their charity.  This charity helps fund families in need who have children at Toledo Children’s Hospital (among other local charities…read all about the Treasure Chest on their website at:

This year, I was asked to revive the Photo Booth By K – a live photo booth where participants could memorialize their fun evening with a prop-filled picture.  It was a blast!  Take a peek at a few photos from the event and booth, and consider getting a ticket to the 2013 event, you won’t regret it!

I recently participated in a Holiday Vendor fair for charity.  We were supporting the Ronald McDonald House charities, and we came together with lots of local vendors to help raise money for this great cause.

I was helping out by taking photos with Santa!  A great time was had by all, especially the Photography By K crew!

Har! Har! Har!  I crack me up! But really, if you’ve stuck around after reading that title, then I guess I owe you some sort of explanation for the lame joke, right?  Okay.

Just a bit over a week ago, I photographed a private workshop for the hair stylists at Reve Salon and Spa here in Sylvania.  (I’ve worked there before.  You may recall that I even frequent that locale for my own “do”…I see Renee…she’s the absolute best!  Call there – 419-885-1140 – ask for Renee Iuele – you won’t be disappointed!)

If you were wondering who was hair there, it was Martin Parsons, an international hair-styling superstar.  I don’t know if that’s true.  I mean, he was very, very awesome, so if he’s not really a superstar in the hairstyling world, he’s definitely a superstar in my own little world over here!

The stylists spent two days learnin’ and practicin’…and I was there to capture much of it for posterity!  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen the next couple of photos.  I just had to throw them in here, too, because…well, the heads kind of freaked me out 🙂

I’m kind of over it.  I only see the body-less heads every other nightmare now, so it’s getting better.  Kind of. LOL!

You should check out all of the stylists in their class by watching a short video slideshow that I put together for them.  And, the next time you’re in Reve (after you’ve made your appointment with Renee Iuele – which sounds like “YOU-EL-EEE” when you ask for her when you call them at 419-885-1140) you may just see the video playing in the background.  Squee!

Recently, Ron and Carol celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.  Aren’t they just the cutest?

Their daughter asked me to tag along and to capture the memories of the evening, and I was so happy to!  I asked my pal Mary (the famous blogger at Are You On The Fence?, Petite-Party Planners and On Life and Creating…why yes, she writes.  A lot.  Ha!) acted as my assistant for the event.  Here are just a few samples of the wonderful family that we witnessed celebrating that evening.  They are an awesome bunch, and I’m so grateful to have met them!

Take a peek at their video slideshow, too!

Kyle and Aimee recently traveled to Chicago to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary with a wedding vow renewal ceremony at Navy Pier.  It was a H. O. T. day, but their love for each other burns so bright that I’m sure the weather paled in comparison.  Gorgeous day. Gorgeous location. Gorgeous couple.  Happy Anniversary Kyle & Aimee!  Thanks for having me tag along!

…Um, okay, so I’m super excited to tell you about a small event that I had the wonderful luck to shoot this spring.  Do you watch HGTV as much as I do?  If you do (and really, who doesn’t?), then you’ll most certainly recognize the name Cari Cucksey from the show Cash and Cari.  Yes, I met her.  And her “entourage” :)…

That’s Cari and her handsome-as-ever new hubby.  Jealous much?  I know!

So, here’s how it happened: Jason and I went shopping on a Saturday morning.  Actually, Jason wanted to go to Cabela’s and I just tagged along.  There are clothes to be found and shoes to be tried on in any store, anywhere, girls!  While out, I had a photo shoot cancel due to inclement weather, so naturally, I asked Jason if he would take me to Northville for…ahem…more shopping.  He was game (pun intended), so northward bound were we!  I had actually been wanting to check out the RePurpose store in Northville (from the show) for a while, and this was a perfect opportunity!

Quick montage of events: Visited the RePurpose store, made a purchase, spoke to the guy at the counter who encouraged us to visit their warehouse.  Had lunch in Northville and stopped by the warehouse, which was on the way home, afterall.  Met Natalie and Christy – more employees who also happened to be bridesmaids for the upcoming nuptials – and the rest is history!

I was hired to shoot photos at the couple’s wedding shower, which was a garden party/tea luncheon where guests were asked to dress in hats and bow ties.  It was an incredibly fun and cute theme, and I was so shocked that everyone played along! (Because my family? Wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole!)

I met my Michigan “family” that day, and I hope to see lots more of them in the future!  Here’s a short video so that you can witness the fabulousness for yourself!  Enjoy!

A HUGE congrats goes out to Chuck and Carlene:

They recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at The Legacy, in Ottawa Lake, MI. It was a surprise party thrown by all of their children! What a great family, to throw such an elaborate party for their parents!

Here are just a few of the details, but don’t forget to take a tour of the full Lazelere Anniversary photo gallery over at

And, if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, check out their video!

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