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This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Megan, a Senior at Fremont-Ross High School. Megan wanted something a little different for her photos so we ventured to Sandusky for some fun shots on a perfect fall day! Here’s a sneak peek at her session:

The rest of Megan’s gallery will be available soon!

Meet Erin, another Bedford HS Senior that I had the pleasure to meet this winter!  Erin is gorgeous and wanted to marry the funkiness and grunginess of downtown Toledo with all of her natural beauty for her session.  I think we might have succeeded, don’t you? 🙂

…a Springfield HS Senior this year.  Now, meet Kelly’s bare feet:

When I met Kelly, she was adamant that she not wear shoes during her session.  And she totally didn’t. 🙂 LOVE!  Kelly moved back to Ohio with her family after spending several years in California.  She told me that she honestly loves the cold, and she even wears a snowflake necklace to prove it!  We had such a blast working together in downtown Maumee and in Sidecut park for her senior photo session!

Kelly and her mom each have tattoos that they had done together – Kelly’s is an infinity “love” design.
I think that is such a cool thing for mother and daughter to do together!

Say “hello!” to Autumn.  She’s a senior, graduating in 2013 from Bedford HS.  I can’t say enough about how absolutely stunning this girl is…I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves!

…and yes, obviously the good looks come naturally…just look at her momma!

In this first of many catch-up posts, I’d like to introduce you to Austin.  Austin is a Senior at Bedford High School this year.  He plays hockey for the Toledo Cherokee, and wanted to incorporate that into his senior photo session.  Take a peek at a few of my faves:

My cousin Bridget is a senior at Woodmore High School this year.  I remember babysitting her when she was just a wee little thing.  I might have dropped her off a swing. And she got a bad bruise.  Maybe.  But I’m not admitting to anything…

Anyway…….  She is all grown up now!  (And she certainly doesn’t blame me for dropping her long before she could remember things.  Oh, yeah, now she knows.  Sorry Bridgey!)  Check out her awesome senior session video, below:

Meet Kyrsten.  Well, if you’ve followed my blog long enough, you’ve actually met Kyrsten before.  Kyrsten is Jason’s cousin.  And I don’t feel OLD at ALL taking her senior pictures.  Not at all…considering she was either 4 or 5 when she was the flower girl in our wedding. (!)  The years have passed too quickly, but Kyrsten has grown into a very, very beautiful young woman.  I might be biased, but just look for yourself and I think you’ll agree!

See what I mean?  Beautiful…well, more like gorgeous!  We had a frightfully cold day at Pearson Park and at her old elementary school – but we were able to find places to block the wind.  I even let Kyrsten put her sweatshirt on in between poses.  I know, I’m super nice!  I might be just a tad more bossy with family than with others. 😉  Kyrsten didn’t mind, though – who would have a care in the world in super fierce shoes like these:

We may have trespassed a teensie little bit to capture the next couple (but I’ll never admit to it – but it was soooo worth it!):

Yes, if you are a Facebook follower, you already know that there was a paint war involved at the end of Kyrsten’s session.  I’m being 100% serious when I say that I stayed far, far away.  She swore that it was washable, and even showed me the Crayola squeeze bottles to prove it.  What can I say?  I’m chicken.  To watch the paint war unfold, check out Kyrsten’s session video, below.  Don’t forget to sneak a peek at Kyrsten’s full gallery at, too.  Thanks for stopping by!

I’d like to introduce you to Dalton! Dalton is a senior this year at Whitmer, and was reluctantly dragged scheduled to have his senior portraits done recently.  You know, he’s very photogenic for a half-willing participant. 🙂

Even though these were more for mom than for him, Dalton really did warm up to me and my crazy ideas.  He even let me pose him next to dumpsters and garage doors (check out Dalton’s full gallery at to see what I mean!)  Ha!

Enjoy your senior year, Dalton!  Here are a few samples from his gallery:

And no post would be complete without the session video.  Enjoy!

Collin may look familiar if you happen to frequent my website and/or blog.  That’s because I work with Collin’s mom at Danberry – she’s my “partner in crime” if you will 😉 – and we’ve done some family pictures before (see here and here to refresh your memory).

Collin just happens to be a senior at Maumee HS this year, and is graduating in 2012.  We decided (and by “we” I literally mean his mother and I…why is it that most senior guys are reluctant about the picture taking process???) to take some portraits at Sidecut this fall.  We had an iffy weather day.  It was a bit windy, the rain threatened, and it was a quite literally gray.  I love shooting in gray skies though, because the sky is like one huge soft box…lovely light!  So, off we went!  I think we even got Collin to smile a few times….

Love that last one.  You can even see the rain, which I think is super cool.  Of course, thinking back, Collin probably doesn’t think it’s so cool, considering I kept him out of the nice toasty warm (and dry) car just to capture the shot…Collin, will you ever forgive me?  The next one make up for it with the awesome fall colors!

Click here to see Collin’s full gallery at!

Remember Abbie?  How could you not!  And, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen quite a bit more…and you already know that Abbie was elected as the 2011 Whitmer Senior Homecoming Queen.  Go Abbie!  For her full session, Abbie wanted to get a few photos with her crown:

How awesome!  A huge Congrats to her for winning that title!  We had so much fun, even without the crown (I know, I know…the crown DID make it so much better), as we found the fall colors at Sidecut Metropark, in Maumee.  Don’t get me wrong, Abbie was gorgeous in the summer sun.  Remember this one?:
There was just something about the fall weather, though…I don’t know.  I’ll let you be the judge!  Here are a few more of my favorites:

That last one?  Probably my all-time favorite of her!  Want to see a few more?  Check out Abbie’s full senior portfolio on  And, no posting would be complete without a quick YouTube video of Abbie’s session.  Enjoy!

*Abbie is a Photography By K Senior Rep for Whitmer’s 2012 graduating class.  Do you want to be a Rep (or do you know someone who is going to be a Senior NEXT year – graduating in 2013 – and wants to earn FREE photos)?  Contact me today to find out how you could be the next STAR!

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