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My new friend, Elise, recently called to ask if I would head up to her ranch to take some photos of everything all decked out for the holidays.  Every time I visit, I’m just in awe of the new changes and additions, so was I going to pass up this great opportunity?  Nope!

Everwood Ranch is located at 3535 Wells Rd. in Petersburg, MI.  It’s a private ranch, but just absolutely gorgeous!  Here are a few of my favorites from our brief holiday photo session:

This is the final post in a 3 part series.  Catch up with the previous posts here!

Thanks for checking back to view the remaining featured units from Noneman Real Estate Company!

Maple Grove of Point Place
Info: 419-467-7425

Ridgewood of Perrysburg
Info: 419-467-7425

The Ridge at TGI Friday’s
Info: 419-865-5505

If you missed part 1, catch up here…

Here are a few more rental units from Noneman Real Estate Company:

Garden Arms of Westgate
Info: 419-290-9117

Glanzman Village of South Toledo
Info: 419-304-0849

Greystone Lofts of Reynolds
Info: 419-865-5505

Check back again soon…there are a few more featured units still to come!

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting my blog again (at least up until this week!).  In part, that was due to my busy schedule with real estate photography.  I’ve been working on a project for Noneman Real Estate Company here in Toledo.  They have rental properties all over town, and they were in need of some new photos for marketing materials.  I’ve photographed 9 units so far, and there might be a few more to come!

Here are a few of the units:

Bedford Meadows of Michigan
Info: 419-467-7425

Centurion House of Westfield
Info: 419-290-9117

Chesterfield of Maumee
Info: 419-893-5808

Stay tuned for more great rentals!

Are you a Realtor working in the NW Ohio and SE Michigan markets?  If so, you don’t want to miss this great Realtor Open House taking place TOMORROW!

Address: 8020 Beck Rd., Ottawa Lake, MI
Date: Wednesday, August 29th
Time: 11 am – 1 pm

Tony Bassett, with The Danberry Co., Realtors, is the listing agent and host for this event.  I’ll give you his words to describe the property:

“I hope you can stop by this Wednesday between 11 and 1 p.m. to tour this awesome property.

The main house is 2,500 square feet with 4 beds and 2 full baths. First-floor laundry and master suite. It has been completely restored and modernized with keeping a lot of the historical integrity intact.

Outside there is more than 2 acres, with a newer 4-car garage and a large heated outbuilding with attached greenhouse, plus an old barn and a few sheds.

My seller and I would truly appreciate your honest feedback on this home. There will be a nice Mediterranean style lunch, and bring a business card for a gift-card drawing.”

Oh, yeah.  That’s right…I’m one of the sponsors!  Spread the word, and I hope to see you there!

Valerie recently called me to schedule a headshot photo session on-location at her office in Toledo.  She explained that she didn’t need a traditional headshot, and that she was actually going to need it to submit to another company – one that would be hosting a conference where she would be a presenter – and her headshot had to include elements of her job.

Challenge accepted!

Note: Valerie Suelzer and I worked together while I was the Director of Education at The Danberry Co., Realtors.  Valerie still holds the reins as their Director of Technology, and she continues to roll out some pretty cool stuff…check out the Danberry Blog for up-to-date information about everything real estate in Toledo, Ohio, and surrounding areas!

Ok, so when I show up to photograph a home for a Realtor’s listing, I typically like to work with a staged but empty home.  I like the furniture and stuff, but people and pets are a “no-no”.  However, if you are brave enough to be home with me, and if you are brave enough to let your pets wander, then you should expect that my A.D.D. will kick in at some point and I’ll turn the camera towards you.  🙂

This was one such case.  I won’t tell you where or when, because poochies need their privacy, too! But, aren’t they anonymously adorable?!?

So…I have been very blessed to be able to expand my business and work from home, entirely for myself this year.  I have done so with the support and continued business from many clients.  These two are especially important, because they have helped pave the way for me to leap into the Real Estate Photography world.  Without them, I might have time to sleep wouldn’t be nearly as successful in Real Estate Photography! 🙂

Recently, I embarked on a project to assist Kristie Feeback in getting her new blog design live.  She worked with Green Tangerine Design to create the awesome layout and graphics, and I helped her get the content in the right place and get to the point where is out there for the world to see!

Also, Kevin Warren and his team (The Warren Group) asked me to assist them in creating a Social Media Plan.  At the center of that plan was a blog that I actually did build (well, as much as one can say they “build” things that live on the blogger platform, anyway).  Check out to see it in action!

Yep.  August.  I spend most of the year wishing for warmth, and then when we finally get it?  It slips by so quickly!  I can’t believe that it’s August already!

Here are some real estate listings that I shot in July:

Outdoor Kitchen Construction, Bowling Green – The Ehrmin Company

638 Stacey Lane, Maumee – Kevin Warren

9880 Old State Line, Holland – Darlene Wilhelm

1545 Timberwolf, Holland – Dallas Paul

3912 Sunforest Court, Toledo – Dallas Paul

Brooklynn Park, a 55+ Community, Toledo – Kevin Warren

Wow, time flies in the summer, doesn’t it???  Where does the time go?  We are getting so much awesome weather and sunshine, that I just can’t bear to be in front of the computer blogging.  BUT!  I owe my 2.2 followers some updates, so here’s what I’ve been working on:

Some Real Estate Photography…

4618 Cinnamon, Toledo, listed by Kristie Feeback

3134 Wendover, Toledo, listed by Kevin Warren

2516 Gracewood, Toledo, listed by Kevin Warren

1510 Anchor, Catawba Island, listed by Pam Vogel

549 Park Way West, Oregon, listed by Jody Zink

5913 Donnelly, Toledo, listed by Jody Zink

113 S. River, Waterville, listed by Kevin Warren

4204 Herman, Toledo, listed by Kevin Warren

5660 Aspen, Toledo, listed by Kevin Warren

…stay tuned!  I’ll be publishing a couple more posts with some updates on events and family sessions, too!

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