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I love this family!  They had an awesome fall session at Wildwood Metropark in Toledo.  I think the family dog, Hester, even had a good time!

Check out their session video, too!

Ok, so when I show up to photograph a home for a Realtor’s listing, I typically like to work with a staged but empty home.  I like the furniture and stuff, but people and pets are a “no-no”.  However, if you are brave enough to be home with me, and if you are brave enough to let your pets wander, then you should expect that my A.D.D. will kick in at some point and I’ll turn the camera towards you.  🙂

This was one such case.  I won’t tell you where or when, because poochies need their privacy, too! But, aren’t they anonymously adorable?!?

Meet Ellie.  She turned one this year!

“Dude!?!  Is that my belly button???”

Remember that trip to the RePurpose store in Northville I mentioned in yesterday’s post?  This sweet little green chair was worth the trip alone!!!

Harvey says: “I have to share everything with this little girl now, don’t I?”

Aren’t they just the cutest Shih Tzu’s you’ve ever seen?  Miley (left), Coco (top right) and Louie (bottom right) were all home when I arrived to take some listing photos for their parents.  The listing is one from my newest partner: Jody Zink, and will be published soon.  In the mean time, check out Jody’s other listings with RE/MAX through her website:  And, let’s just drool over those cutey mccuterson puppies just a little bit longer…… 🙂

Renee is the most-awesome-hair-stylist-and-outrageously-fashionable-mom…ever! Yes, she manages my “-do”…which isn’t easy. I mean, I regularly break those ponytail holder thingies because of the thickness and unruliness of my mop. She is actually a genius! That’s the only way that she can be described.

P.S. – Anyone looking for a great stylist? Call Renee Iuele at Reve. You won’t be sorry!

When Renee said that she wanted to get some family pictures taken with her son and their cute pup – Josephine – I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to finally be able to give back (after all of her years of maintaining my crazy tresses, it’s the least I could do!)

When I met her son, Anthony, well – wow. I’ve never met a more polite 12 year old boy in my entire life! Seriously – when we finished the session, he shook our hands and said “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Jaworski, it was very nice to meet you.” I’m sure. I might have written it down as soon as we got back in the car.  Adorable! 🙂

Ok.  Enough chatting…onto my session favorites:

Don’t forget, you can always view all of the session photos by visiting Renee and Anthony’s gallery on  Thanks for stopping by today!

You’ve met Laura before.  She was part of the Woda Family session earlier this summer.  You’ve never seen her quite like this, though…

Laura contacted me about setting up a session with her horse, Joel.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity!  How often do you get to see beautiful horses up close and personal?  (Well, at least, those of us who live in the city don’t get that luxury all that often!)  When I arrived, I got nervous.  Horses are BIG, y’all!  We had a blast, though, and here are a few of my favorites from her session:

Laura even “allowed” her boyfriend, Justin, to be in some of the photos, too! 🙂 I’m joking, of course – aren’t they just the cutest couple you’ve ever seen? (Cabela, their silver lab puppy doesn’t hurt on that front, either!)

As usual, I’ve also shared a link to Laura’s session video, below. If you’d like to take a peek at the rest of her gallery, please visit her page on today!

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