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Happy New Year!  Okay, so this post is a day (almost two) late…what can I say?  Today is my first day back to work after a looooooooooong vacation. 🙂  I spent my Christmas vacation not working, so I’ve been playing a wee little bit of catch up today!

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Flickr, you already know that I spent some quality time with the ocean over the break.  Lovely Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was my home for 7 days and no, I didn’t really want to come back (to the snow! Yuck!).  While the weather wasn’t exactly warm (we averaged in the 50s), it was still warmer than home.  I may have played the lottery while vacationing.  I may have even played in every state on the way down and on the way home…just in case.  I’m home and working, so you can see how fruitful my lottery plan actually was.  Ha!

I think that the best part of the whole trip for me this year was the seafood* the people in the south.  Folks really are different in the south.  Things aren’t as rushed and people are more considerate and helpful.  Most noticeably, I found a change within me while visiting…I didn’t want to scream at everyone around me for being stupid  acting a fool  being cotton-headed ninny-muggins  acting unintelligent in social situations.  With all of the “Merry Christmas Y’ALL!” going on, there was no need for witty, under-the-breath comments as we stalked away, is what I’m saying.  It was refreshing! (*The seafood?  A very, very close second!)

I took some time today to actually WRITE out a to-do list.  I haven’t done that in a while, what with my iPhone and iPad near me at all times.  I haven’t actually crossed anything off yet, but when I do, I’m going to let out an audible sigh every. single. time.  Here’s a sneak peek from that list of a few things that are coming soon to Photography By K:

1. A Mission Statement…again, actually written down.
2. A brand spankin’ new website (well, I can’t guarantee how soon this one will come, but I’m excited about taking the first steps toward a new site for the first time in over 4 years, and I thought that I’d share my excitement with you, too!)
3. Oh yeah, and Blogging.  I’m going to keep that up, too.  In fact, it was my new year’s resolution this year:

P.S.  I joined a new challenge group.  It’s a photo-a-day group called Project Life 365, and I’m participating with iPhone pictures shared through Instagram.  Find the photo above here (and you can find me on Instagram under “kathyjaws”).  If you want to follow all of the Project 365 Lifers on Instagram or even Twitter, search #ProjectLife365.

How did you spend your Christmas vacation?  What are your 2013 plans?  I’d love to know!

If you own pets, I’m sure that you’ve suffered from the anxiety that comes with their “firsts” in your home.  The first night wondering if they’ll need to go out at 3 am.  The first time left alone outside of their crate.  The first time an unexpected house guest comes to the door.  The first time decorating for a holiday wondering if they will eat your favorite ornament…

That last one had me nervous this year.  Indy came to live with us in March after we adopted him from the Toledo Animal Shelter.  He is such a good dog…he was completely house broken, likes to play, never bites, walks on a leash fairly well, etc.  However, just because he’s good with most things, doesn’t mean that I wasn’t nervous about getting out the Christmas decorations.

Indy is fairly curious.  He doesn’t really get into things that he’s not supposed to, he just likes to look around and smell and go behind the furniture to see what’s there.  He has the run of the house during the day, without any problems.  We’ve only had one “incident” with the trash (and what dog hasn’t rummaged to find a scrap or two in it’s lifetime, right?) and only one item eaten that wasn’t edible.  To be fair, the item in question was a birthday hat out of my studio…it was pink and sparkly and had fluffy feathers on the end.  It looked like a toy.  I was only mad  for a split second.  He thought it belonged to him. 😉  Still, even with 9 months of a good record behind us, I just wasn’t sure how he’s treat the tree, with all of it’s sparkle and flair.

Here’s the answer:

Nothing to worry about!  Well, unless you are expecting to receive a gift from me this year…it just might be covered in Indy hair! LOL!

Goodbye old friend…make room for new friends!


Something you didn’t know about me (and I didn’t really know about myself until just this year)…I’m something of a night owl.  Not the out-having-fun-visiting-with-friends-bar-hopping kind of night owl, no.  More of the I’m-going-to-finish-this-project-that-I’m-working-on-even-if-I’m-still-up-at-2:30 am kind of night owl.

I never used to be this way.  When you work on someone else’s schedule (i.e. – have a JOB outside of your own house), you kind of have to go to bed at a reasonable time so that you can get up and start the day at a reasonable time.  However, now that I work for myself?  I find that I get more done in the wee hours of the morning, when no one is around to bother me and the TV isn’t beckoning with the new episodes of Castle and Dancing With The Stars and Modern Family and The Office…(um, so problem #1 has been identified).

Working until 2:00 am or so definitely has it’s perks is all I’m saying.  The downside?  This is usually what I see when I make my way back into my office the next day:

That’s 10:22 AM…and that’s where I like to start my day!

Next post: Why on earth is my wall clock “Water Proof”? And other crazy questions that bug.  Just kidding.  But if anyone knows the answer…please do tell!

The Harris Elmore Bulldogs 45th Year Class Reunion took place this weekend.  My mom is an alumna, and she asked if I would help out by being the event photographer.  Of course I did…did she think that I would miss an opportunity to see the memorabilia table and witness her with her 1967 coif??? 🙂

Mom is the one with short hair and glasses.  Oh, wait.  (LOL!)  She is in the dark blue diagonal stripes, second from the left.  These were just a few images snapped from my iPhone.  Want to see the real deal more?  Check out the Harris Elmore 45th Reunion full gallery at!

Last week, I had a rude awakening when I attempted to dump my latest photo session files from my camera’s memory card onto my hard-drive.  (My 500 GB hard-drive.)  It. Was. FULL!  It said “nope.  nada.  not gonna put that here!” and then it laughed manically at my heartache.

Ok, so I MIGHT be being a little bit dramatic.
But, what?  How on earth did I fill up 500 GB?  I ALWAYS back-up my files to an external hard-drive, burn to a disk when a session is completely done and then clear the files off of my desktop’s hard-drive.  ALWAYS.  At least, right up until Christmas of last year…ish.  
So, I had about 7 months worth of data being stored on my poor computer.  And?  It was mad at me!  Thus, I had to begin the very slow and painful process of burning disks and clearing off my hard-drive.  This is the insane successful result:
In total, about 75 disks, all lined up and stacked neatly by month, awaiting their final resting place in the CaseLogic binder (which is also almost full…shhh!)
Mental note to not let 7 months go by before doing this again!

iPhone Photo of the week month quarter is back! 🙂

Here is a quick shot of a beer from Deschutes Brewery and Public House in Portland, Oregon.  I believe that this one was a sample of the Crown Point Brown (What?  You don’t consider a .5 liter a “sample”?  Semantics…)

Survey says?  Delicious!

I’ve had my iPhone for a few months now…and I love it more and more every day!  I tend to collect lots of pictures while I’m out and about without my camera (yes, even photographers sometimes leave the camera at home now and then).  So – I’ve decided to start sharing some of my favorites with you, right here on this very blog!  It will be a weekly installment (at least, until you get so bored of me that you beg me to stop, or I start forgetting to post…hopefully is the latter and not the former!), so set your reminders to check back often!

Here’s the first iPhone Photo of the Week – it’s of my niece, taken at sunset overlooking Lake Erie from the rooftop seating at Crabby Joe’s in the Port Clinton area:
Post-processing app details:
Instagram [Earlybird]
Ain’t she purrrtey? 🙂  It’s photos like these that will get me through the long, cold, harsh Ohio winter!
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