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Whew. It’s hot! The humidity is waning a bit this week, but I still feel like I’m melting when I head outside. When a Danberry REALTOR recently asked me to photograph her family up at Wampler’s Lake in the Irish Hills of Michigan, I absolutely said yes! I could already feel the cool lake breezes hitting my face…and I was only daydreaming! Last night, those dreams became a reality – Wampler’s Lake is just beautiful, and so is Sharon’s family!

I don’t have their gallery ready for viewing just yet, but I just had to share one of my favorite shots of the evening – two cousins (and might I say, simply gorgeous girls…watch out fellas…) decided that they wanted to remember their summer vacation with some photos. We hit the swings, hid behind trees, and they were totally game when I asked “want to do some jumping pictures on the beach?”

While this photo could technically be considered a silhouette, I hope that their smiling faces are visible enough for this entry in this week’s i heart faces photo challenge: water. Enjoy!

What a great theme for a challenge over at I Heart Faces! You know that I’ve been taking some business portraits for some REALTORS over at The Danberry Co., lately. Well…Helen works in the Business Development department, and she came to her session prepared and FULL of whimsical fun! Check out one of her “fun” portraits:

A touch of whimsy? More like a bucket-full! 🙂

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It’s another week, another I Heart Faces web challenge. 🙂  When I read this week’s theme, I thought of Max.  This spring, he and Jill (his sister) ran around the Toledo Botanical Gardens with me, and it was a blast!  At one point, I asked Max to jump off of a small retaining wall…here is the result:

I love everything about this photo. The jacket and tie, his expression…everything! I hope you like it, too!

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When I read the theme for this week’s challenge at I Heart Faces (Bright & Vivid), I knew that I had the perfect photo:

This is the Dewald family late last year. I just love the bright blue wall!  We met for a photo session to celebrate their son’s 3rd birthday, just before the family relocated to Nashville. 🙁 I’m really hopeful that when they head back to town for the holiday’s they’ll give me a call…I can’t wait to see how much their little guy has grown!

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I’m in between a few sessions here, and so I’m taking advantage of some much appreciated down-time by joining another photo challenge.  We’ll get back to the regular schedule soon, I promise, but now I’ll share a quick peek into my personal life…

This time the theme for the challenge is yellow, and I just happen to have a very recent photo of my niece holding some beautiful yellow carnations and white daisies.  She participated in the Bridal Fair and Fashion Show just this weekend at Mon Ami Winery on Catawba Island, and posed for me after she had changed back into her street clothes.  All of the girls were beautiful and I have to give a shout out to my sis – Sarah – who helped run the Fair.  Everything went off without a hitch!  Here’s Reese with her bouquet:

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…oh, the April rain just keeps on coming! We’re in the middle of May, but it just won’t. stop. raining. And? I just turned my furnace back on so that I don’t freeze my tootsies off tonight. But, I was perusing one of my favorite websites tonight: They are having a “May Flowers” challenge this week, so I thought I’d enter. Maybe entering will take my mind off of the drizzle…

Here is a photo of the Lakeside Daisy. The Lakeside Daisy blooms briefly every May near the quarry in Marblehead, Ohio, just outside of the Lakeside gates. It only blooms for a few short weeks (sometimes days), and it only blooms in a few places in the US. I felt privileged to walk into the rocky field to steal a few shots. Here’s my favorite:

Ah! That’s better…now, if we could only control the weather with our minds… 🙂

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