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This weekend we were busy, busy with our holiday mini sessions. Our clients were festive not only with their spirit but their outfits too!It was a fun memorable weekend!

Come visit us this Thursday for Downtown Sylvania’s Downtown Delights Chili-N in Sylvania. Benefits Sylvania Family Services and the Sylvania Historical Village. Come and vote for our “Chorizo Chili Jack Attack” ! Other merchants downtown will be having chili tasting as well . Who will have the best? It will be a yummy good time! Stores will be open until 8 so come get your holiday shopping started!

Next Thursday, Photography By K will be participating in Downtown Delights, sponsored by the Downtown Sylvania Association. From 5-8 pm, you can shop the local merchants in beautiful downtown Sylvania, enjoy refreshments, entertainment and give-aways!

In addition, Downtown Delights will be hosting the First Annual Chili-N in Sylvania! That’s right, a chili cook-off and you get to cast a ballot for your favorite! We’ll be cooking up a pot to warm your insides so stop by and see us at 5693 Main St, Suite 1.

Downtown Delights and the Chili-N in Sylvania benefit Sylvania Family Services & The Sylvania Historical Village.

We have a new neighbor in downtown Sylvania. Kathy and I took a detour on the way into work the other day. We discovered a very cute and chic boutique, TK Lanes Boutique. They have a lot of holiday decor and great gift ideas. Kathy even found some unique air freshener for our client bathroom, Poo-Pourri No.2. We had such a great time looking at all the unique and reasonably priced items! Downtown Sylvania has a lot to offer for everyone ! Come down and start your holiday shopping and don’t forget to stop in and say hi to Photography by K! -Julie

Happy New Year!  Okay, so this post is a day (almost two) late…what can I say?  Today is my first day back to work after a looooooooooong vacation. 🙂  I spent my Christmas vacation not working, so I’ve been playing a wee little bit of catch up today!

If you follow me on Facebook and/or Flickr, you already know that I spent some quality time with the ocean over the break.  Lovely Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, was my home for 7 days and no, I didn’t really want to come back (to the snow! Yuck!).  While the weather wasn’t exactly warm (we averaged in the 50s), it was still warmer than home.  I may have played the lottery while vacationing.  I may have even played in every state on the way down and on the way home…just in case.  I’m home and working, so you can see how fruitful my lottery plan actually was.  Ha!

I think that the best part of the whole trip for me this year was the seafood* the people in the south.  Folks really are different in the south.  Things aren’t as rushed and people are more considerate and helpful.  Most noticeably, I found a change within me while visiting…I didn’t want to scream at everyone around me for being stupid  acting a fool  being cotton-headed ninny-muggins  acting unintelligent in social situations.  With all of the “Merry Christmas Y’ALL!” going on, there was no need for witty, under-the-breath comments as we stalked away, is what I’m saying.  It was refreshing! (*The seafood?  A very, very close second!)

I took some time today to actually WRITE out a to-do list.  I haven’t done that in a while, what with my iPhone and iPad near me at all times.  I haven’t actually crossed anything off yet, but when I do, I’m going to let out an audible sigh every. single. time.  Here’s a sneak peek from that list of a few things that are coming soon to Photography By K:

1. A Mission Statement…again, actually written down.
2. A brand spankin’ new website (well, I can’t guarantee how soon this one will come, but I’m excited about taking the first steps toward a new site for the first time in over 4 years, and I thought that I’d share my excitement with you, too!)
3. Oh yeah, and Blogging.  I’m going to keep that up, too.  In fact, it was my new year’s resolution this year:

P.S.  I joined a new challenge group.  It’s a photo-a-day group called Project Life 365, and I’m participating with iPhone pictures shared through Instagram.  Find the photo above here (and you can find me on Instagram under “kathyjaws”).  If you want to follow all of the Project 365 Lifers on Instagram or even Twitter, search #ProjectLife365.

How did you spend your Christmas vacation?  What are your 2013 plans?  I’d love to know!

…or Happy Holidays! if you don’t celebrate Christmas.  Or Merry-End-Of-2012! if you don’t celebrate anything right now.  Whatever you are doing today, make it a great day!

I’m vacationing with family in the moderately temperatured Myrtle Beach, SC.  Of course, I’ve been annoying everyone with my photography.  I force the car to stop at random times.  I can’t leave a location just yet because the light’s not quite right.  I’ve been working on everyone’s nerves!

I’ll share just one of my favorites from the trip so far – it’s a shot at dusk, just after sunset, from our balcony looking south along the Myrtle Beach strip:

If you want to follow along with the fun from my trip on flickr, you can find the Photography By K flickr set here. 🙂

When I was a kid, I remember getting dressed up for my annual Christmas program at church.  My mom would dress my sister and I in our new holiday dresses, tights and shoes, and we would even get to wear lipstick.  It was a big deal!  Then, we would head to church, where we’d all take the stage and throw a few elbows to get to be the closest one to the microphone at the front row and sing the usual rounds of Away in a Manger and Silent Night, while the parents in the audience would take pictures and clap happily (despite the fact that we’d absolutely ruined their eardrums for the rest of the evening).  I have fond memories of these events.

Christmas programs aren’t what they used to be.  Now, they seem to be all-out productions, including story-lines and costumes and lighting and…even…SANTA!

This is my niece’s Christmas program at her school:

A decorated set, narrators, and a full chorus.  🙂  I must say, her school puts on quite a show!  Just check out some of the kids’ costumes:

Crazy, am I right?  But, it was absolutely adorable!  My niece was a sleeping girl; they sang a song about getting slippers for Christmas:

…and yes, she is absolutely missing her two front teeth this year! 🙂  Oh, and the kicker for this program?  Santa totally made an appearance:

Nope, Christmas programs aren’t the same.  They’re so much better!

My new friend, Elise, recently called to ask if I would head up to her ranch to take some photos of everything all decked out for the holidays.  Every time I visit, I’m just in awe of the new changes and additions, so was I going to pass up this great opportunity?  Nope!

Everwood Ranch is located at 3535 Wells Rd. in Petersburg, MI.  It’s a private ranch, but just absolutely gorgeous!  Here are a few of my favorites from our brief holiday photo session:

The Buerks are such great people!  I’m so thankful that I met them at the Sylvania Fall Festival this year…and so grateful that they hired me to take their holiday photos at their home!  Check out a few of their photos and I’m sure you’ll see why I think they are awesome:

Yep, they have their backyard trampoline sunk into the ground.  I saw that and went “yeah…we are so doing that!”
The three youngest thought that was cool…they had a blast!

I can’t wait to see the Buerks again next year! 🙂

I recently participated in a Holiday Vendor fair for charity.  We were supporting the Ronald McDonald House charities, and we came together with lots of local vendors to help raise money for this great cause.

I was helping out by taking photos with Santa!  A great time was had by all, especially the Photography By K crew!

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