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Jayme and Stacia are a couple of local bloggers here in Toledo, Ohio.  Jayme writes at The Random Blogette and Stacia at Free to Be Stacia Lee.  Together, they also head up the Midwest Blogger Meetup, taking place in September 2013.  (Oh yeah, and Jayme is also my cousin, so yes…you’ve seen her before!)  Recently, the girls came to me because they needed some headshots.  Here is the result.  *Warning, results not typical. These girls are awesome and awesomely good looking. Plus…they were totally working it for the camera that day!  Ha!  🙂

What?  I had to do something to downplay their collective beauty and make them look more…regular. LOL!

Valerie recently called me to schedule a headshot photo session on-location at her office in Toledo.  She explained that she didn’t need a traditional headshot, and that she was actually going to need it to submit to another company – one that would be hosting a conference where she would be a presenter – and her headshot had to include elements of her job.

Challenge accepted!

Note: Valerie Suelzer and I worked together while I was the Director of Education at The Danberry Co., Realtors.  Valerie still holds the reins as their Director of Technology, and she continues to roll out some pretty cool stuff…check out the Danberry Blog for up-to-date information about everything real estate in Toledo, Ohio, and surrounding areas!

I teased Jayme’s headshots a while ago…so sorry for the delay, and without further adieu, here are a few of my personal favorites from her session:

 That last one?  In the bottom right corner?  All Jayme’s idea!  She writes for her blog: The Random Blogette, so she wanted to have a couple of poses that reflect some of the craziness that she records from her day-to-day life.  It’s a great read; go check it out!

While Jayme had her hairs and make-up did, she figured that the whole family should jump in for a few, as well.  Here is a sampling of the rest of her crew:

Ok, so you probably want to know what’s up with the phones and games…another one of Jayme’s awesome ideas!  She wanted to capture a little bit of real life here.  You know (and don’t pretend that you don’t do this) the real part of life that happens when you are all sitting in the same room but not talking because you are all fiddling on something?  I thought it was cute, and a great way to portray today’s techy-family!

Check out Jayme’s headshot gallery and the Weiden family session on today!

I think the wind storm we experienced here in NWO last night counts as March coming “in like a lion”.  Wouldn’t you agree?  We’ve certainly had some wacky winter weather this year…incredibly unpredictable! It could be lots, lots worse, so I’m thankful that it’s been fairly uneventful (well, except for the 40 mph gusts that tried to blow me off the road last night!).

In the midst of the crazy ups and downs on the weather front, I have a few more real estate sessions to show off:

3844 Maxwell, Toledo

3149 Muirfield, Toledo

and 7110 Harvester, Maumee

All three homes are listed by The Warren Group at The Danberry Co., Realtors.

Additionally, Jason and I have finally completed our new in-home studio!  We are so excited about the new possibilities on the horizon with this space, and we’ve even already completed two sessions.  Here is just a quick peek at Jayme, Jason’s cousin and author of The Random Blogette.  Jayme wanted some new headshots for her blog, and we had a blast using all the new backgrounds…I just love the pink!  You’ll see more of Jayme (and her family) soon!

Now, since it’s snowing and FREEZING today…where did I leave my blanket and hot tea?  Off to try and stay warm!

What a great theme for a challenge over at I Heart Faces! You know that I’ve been taking some business portraits for some REALTORS over at The Danberry Co., lately. Well…Helen works in the Business Development department, and she came to her session prepared and FULL of whimsical fun! Check out one of her “fun” portraits:

A touch of whimsy? More like a bucket-full! 🙂

<---Click to view more great entries in this awesome challenge!

I’ve been busy taking more photos for agents at The Danberry Co., Realtors.  This time, I headed out to the Oregon and Westgate offices.  Here is another small sampling of the agents that I’ve met recently…are you thinking about buying, selling, or just plain moving?  Click on their photos to view their websites and contact them directly in regards to the Toledo Real Estate Market!

Recently, The Danberry Co., Realtors has allowed me to set up shop in their offices and take updated business portraits of their Agents. Real Estate Agents use these photos on business cards and in all of their advertising online and in print. Now, I’m not a traditional studio photographer, so I’ve had a blast getting to know the ins and outs of the using backgrounds and lights. So far, I’ve taken photos for a few of the Agents with the Temperance, Michigan office and a few more from the Briarfield Office in Maumee, Ohio. Here’s a small sample of what I’ve been doing lately (and click on their photos to visit each Agent’s website to find out more about working with a REALTOR when buying or selling a home!):

Take a peek at my full Business Portrait Gallery on today!

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