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I met Isabel and Leonard last year and was thrilled when mom called me to schedule another photo session to celebrate their 2013 birthdays!  Isabel is 3 and Leonard is 1.  These two had a blast in the studio sitting climbing playing on the furniture and hamming it up for the camera.  Oh, and Isabel just loves our little dog, Indy, so bribery didn’t come in the form of sugar for once.  (But Leonard? Wanted absolutely nothing to do with a dog, so that made the bribery a little…interesting…one gets to play, the other is shielded…ah well.  It worked out okay I think!)  Here is a quick little peek at their birthday session!

And a short video, too!

The Schankes are friends of ours, so when they asked about having a fall photo session to celebrate their youngest’s first birthday, of course I obliged!  I couldn’t wait for the cake smash portion of the event… 🙂  Check out their family photos and a few of that splendid cake smash, too!

…and Spencer turns 1!  Recently met up with this great family out at the Marblehead Lighthouse.  The last time I saw Spencer…well, okay, I didn’t really see him so much as I was in his presence.  He wasn’t yet born, but was on the way!  And now?  He’s walking and running and just a ball of energy and fun! Hope you had a great 1st Birthday!

A few weeks ago, I posted a very, very brief teaser from Karlee’s first birthday photo session.  Well, that was mean…please forgive me? 🙂  The rest of Karlee’s gallery now awaits at! Here are just a few of my faves:

Please watch Karlee’s session video, too!

Just a sneak peek of Spencer’s First Birthday photo shoot from this weekend at the Marblehead Lighthouse State Park.  I’ve never met such a smiley one-year-old.  He made my job easy!  There are lots more coming soon…

Many, many more to come.  Promise!

Meet Ellie.  She turned one this year!

“Dude!?!  Is that my belly button???”

Remember that trip to the RePurpose store in Northville I mentioned in yesterday’s post?  This sweet little green chair was worth the trip alone!!!

Harvey says: “I have to share everything with this little girl now, don’t I?”

Remember the Becken twins?  Cute, cute, cute little girls who keep their momma on her toes! 🙂  They turned 4 this summer, and mom called me for some updated photos.  (Editorial note: this post is long overdue…let’s all “oooh” and “aaahhh” at the green, green [decidedly not the current shade of brown that is my yard’s beautiful hue today] grass at Toledo Botanical Gardens back in June!)

Adorable, right?  Girls…I sure hope to see you again for birthday #5!

Hello 2011!  I’ve been away…well, not really away, but taking a little photo and posting break during the month of January.  So, even though it’s now February, I figure it’s appropriate to welcome the new year here on this blog!  Let’s get rolling into 2011…join me by perusing Joey’s 1st Birthday photos…

You may remember Joey from a warmer session last summer, in a post just after he turned 4 months old.  Well, now he’s getting ready to turn the big O-N-E, so we had a (much chillier, mid-winter) indoor session at home.  This time, the whole family joined in, too!  Congrats to the family on their new home, and Happy 1st Birthday Joey!

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