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So, as you can probably tell, our social media is a bit behind. I’ve been gone, and Kathy is so busy this time of year that she could hardly keep up! I suppose this is a good problem to have, but let me explain why I’ve been gone. For the past nearly two months, I’ve been in Sweden! About three years ago, I hosted a Swedish exchange student. I missed her so much that I had to stay with her for over a month. The trip itself was amazing, and feels a little like a dream now, but I am glad to be back.  Kathy let me borrow a camera for my trip, so I have some photos to show you!

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So, while I was there, we went to the quarry frequently. Their quarries are different than ours in the way that it’s much more secluded. It’s opposite of the Centennial Quarry. It’s also much taller. Take this photo for example:

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

See that yellow dot towards the left? That’s a person! The quarry was so massive, it’s hard to show it all in one photo! My friends and I went cliff diving off of the area on the right, which was about 20 feet! It was one of the most exhilarating experiences in my life!

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Here is my friend’s cat. He’s a Norwegian Barn Cat, who was an absolute sweetie. I had fun taking pictures of him.

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Their nature in Sweden was gorgeous. It hardly got dark. Sunset was around 1:30, but their darkness is more like our dusk. Sunrise is around 3:30. It was hard to sleep in to say the least.

This was taken at around 10:00 in the evening, but it was still very bright outside! The sign says “Östrom” which is old Swedish for “East”. In today’s Swedish language, you would only say “Öst”. Today, “Östrom” means “Eastern Roman Empire”, since “rom” means “Roman”.


Photo Jul 18, 5 41 47 AM

Stina’s family has a rose garden. For Midsummer, we picked some and made flower crowns. Midsummer is a very Swedish holiday. It’s similar to how we celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a time to be around who we care about and eat lots of traditional food! Salmon, meatballs, potatoes, you name it! We also traditionally dance in a circle around a Midsummer’s pole to traditional Swedish music. So, there! That’s why everything has been a little crazy lately, but hopefully I will get caught up soon. Keep checking back as well for more Sweden pictures!

























20142014…and I finally, FINALLY created the new website!  I was supposed to get that done in 2013, but better late than never, right?!?  I’m excited about the new, clean, look and feel to the site.  I’m just as excited to hear what you think about it, too, so let me know!

WWW.  No, it’s not an unfinished website address.  It’s what I am now.  I’m finally, officially a Weight Watcher Woman.  (pause for applause) [crickets] Buehler? [crickets] Ugh.

I weigh more now that I ever have in my entire life.  Here’s the thing.  I’ve never been “skinny”.  Oh sure, in high school and college I was slim—-mer than I am now.  I was a fairly healthy weight.  I could also eat whatever I wanted.  Oreos?  Check!  Pizza?  Check Check!  Oreos for dessert after Pizza?  I wonder how the weight came on?!?!

I got married young.  Jason was 22 and I was 21.  I still had a year of college to finish.  We were poor.  We ate really, really, bad for you things.  I packed on some lbs.

I joined a gym.

I quit the gym.

I started working a very high-stress job right out of college.  I travelled a lot.  I ate out…A LOT.

I bought work-out videos.

I dusted those puppies religiously once a week!

I quit the high-stress job and swapped it for a local one with a small company.  I decided that this would give me ample opportunity to start my own photography business.  We stopped cooking because we didn’t have the time.  I gained. More. Weight.

In 2012 I quit working for other people and put my efforts full-time into this photography gig.  I love it, and wouldn’t trade the decision for the world.  Except now?  I’m working at home.  Where the fridge is.  I also won’t bore you all to tears with my serious bout of depression that I overcame last year.  A story for a different day.  I found help in ice cream.  And?  Gained 20 lbs more!  20 lbs in one year?  Yikes!

I had to go to the doctor recently for my normal well-visit.  She looked at me.  Looked at my chart.  And promptly ordered a full cholesterol work-up and prescribed me…to lose 10% of my body weight before seeing her again in 3 months.  Double yikes!

Now some of you are getting amped to tell me things like “Dude, the answer is P90X!” or “It’s all about the HCG!” or “Try these magic beans!”, but, I know the answer for me.  Eat less.  I have a fairly active career.  I don’t spend all day sitting.  I have a little dog who loves walks.  Sure, I could always exercise more, but quite frankly, I hate the idea of “working out”.  Plus, and I really mean it when I say this, I simply just eat too much.  THAT is my problem.  I’ve always known it, but just didn’t care.  So now, I’m finally going to do something about it.

If you know me personally, do me a favor and ask me how the WWW is going when I see you next.  I’m using you.  You are all becoming my extended accountability group. 🙂

P.S. – 10 lbs down already.  Just by eating less.  I swear!

So, I have not been blogging lately.  But, that’s not because there has been a lack of blog topics.  I’ve just been super busy.  Busy professionally, and busy personally.  Here is just a quick peek into my life as of late:

1. Taking soccer team photos for my niece’s soccer team in Marblehead.
2. Indy’s been sleeping.  He naps constantly.  I just wish that I could join him!
3. Took a photo walk through Secor Metropark and snagged this little guy stocking up for the cold months.  BTW…did you know that Wolfinger Cemetery is supposedly haunted???  Me neither!
4. Celebrating cousin Jayme’s birthday in late September.  Happy Belated Birthday Random Blogette!
5. An old friend got married in California, and had a reception back here at home.  Said friend isn’t pictured here, but these are other old friends from high school at my table.
6. My dad’s a nutball.  ‘Nuff said. 🙂
7. Held a photo booth for the Danberry Treasure Chest Charity Auction.  Good food, good friends, great cause!
8. Football season started!  This is my BIL and niece enjoying a game with us.
9. Indy = Fire-breathing beast.  Or, not so much.  Whateve!
10. Reese lost more teeth!
11. Watching my Alma Mater, BGSU, lose tremendously to the UT Rockets. 🙁
12. Ottawa Hills varsity girls soccer.  This really was a professional photo shoot.  I swear! LOL!
13. Attended a private party called a “Hootenanny”.  I’m not even making that up.
14. Senior photos have been busy for me lately.  I had my first ever hockey player call…what a blast!
15. A gift from my mom: a brand new Photography By K banner.  Awesome!
16. Indy is totally a bully to his stuffed animals…  
17. …but, Indy actually did graduate from his training class.  Go figure.
18.  Been busy at the events this fall.  Here is my mom (my assistant) and Jacob (my fall intern) at the Lighthouse festival in Marblehead.
19. Youth league football…cousin got to play at the UT stadium for the championship game.  These kids are like 10 and 12 years old.  Crazy!
20. Cousin Bridgey is a senior!  I’m old.
And?  Now you are up-to-date with all of the exciting happenings around here.  Thanks for stopping by! 

Goodbye old friend…make room for new friends!


Seriously.  This is a little-known fact about me.  I mean really, I’m a photographer, so I should be used to being around groups of people.  But this:

was a scene from my worst nightmare!  Ah!
I invited myself tagged along with a friend to the Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan, this weekend.  This just happened to be the very LAST weekend for the festival, and it was a beautiful early fall day in these parts, so everyone…and I mean everyone…descended upon the festival.  It was absolutely crazy, but I have to say, I did have fun.  Mostly people-watching.  There were definitely people to watch.  Like this guy:
…and these guys…:
…and even these guys, too!:
I’ll wrap up this post with just a few more quick photos from the day…
Did you know that a Straslueberry is a blueberry, stuffed inside a raspberry, stuffed inside a strawberry, and then dipped in chocolate?  Heaven.

We didn’t watch the pirate show.  It was rated a”R”rr, after all.  Ha!
Even though it was fun, and fun to people-watch, the Renaissance Festival did nothing to squelch my hatred of crowds.  Just sayin’.  🙂

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