Last week, I left a teaser at the end of the blog article I wrote about my senior prom. At the time that this blog posts, I’ll be on a plane! I’ll be in Europe for about the next two weeks. I’m exploring Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary with some friends. While I’m very excited and will have lots of fun on the trip, it won’t be a vacation! I’m going to Eastern Europe to study World War II and the Holocaust. Together, we’ve been reading, watching, and listening to information about the holocaust. I even spoke to a Holocaust survivor about his experiences throughout his five years in 4 different concentration camps in Germany at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


I’m so excited to be able to have the wonderful opportunity to travel and study overseas again! Maybe some of you remember that I did a three week internship with Kathy in January 2015 through a program at my school called Winterim. If not, I’ve linked to the website I made about it, but I will also explain it a bit more here.

“[Three times throughout the year], Maumee Valley suspends its regular course schedule for approximately three weeks so that Upper School students may engage in an intensive learning experience. Students study one topic in great depth throughout the entire [intensive] period. The intensive format encourages experiential education where students take advantage of community resources in focused classes, participate in educational trips, pursue their passions in independent studies, or study at sister schools in the Network of Complementary Schools.”


There’s an excerpt from my blog in January about Maumee Valley’s unique intensive experience. So, this relates to my trip because I’m going with my school as an educational experience. Throughout my travels in Europe, I am going to keep a blog as a journal to keep my thoughts and experiences in. I plan to share some of these articles I write to the Photography By K Facebook Page so that you can check up on what I’m doing and seeing in these next two weeks! I hope you check it out! Do zobaczenia! That means see you later in Polish!


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