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Last week, I left a teaser at the end of the blog article I wrote about my senior prom. At the time that this blog posts, I’ll be on a plane! I’ll be in Europe for about the next two weeks. I’m exploring Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary with some friends. While I’m very excited and will have lots of fun on the trip, it won’t be a vacation! I’m going to Eastern Europe to study World War II and the Holocaust. Together, we’ve been reading, watching, and listening to information about the holocaust. I even spoke to a Holocaust survivor about his experiences throughout his five years in 4 different concentration camps in Germany at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


I’m so excited to be able to have the wonderful opportunity to travel and study overseas again! Maybe some of you remember that I did a three week internship with Kathy in January 2015 through a program at my school called Winterim. If not, I’ve linked to the website I made about it, but I will also explain it a bit more here.

“[Three times throughout the year], Maumee Valley suspends its regular course schedule for approximately three weeks so that Upper School students may engage in an intensive learning experience. Students study one topic in great depth throughout the entire [intensive] period. The intensive format encourages experiential education where students take advantage of community resources in focused classes, participate in educational trips, pursue their passions in independent studies, or study at sister schools in the Network of Complementary Schools.”


There’s an excerpt from my blog in January about Maumee Valley’s unique intensive experience. So, this relates to my trip because I’m going with my school as an educational experience. Throughout my travels in Europe, I am going to keep a blog as a journal to keep my thoughts and experiences in. I plan to share some of these articles I write to the Photography By K Facebook Page so that you can check up on what I’m doing and seeing in these next two weeks! I hope you check it out! Do zobaczenia! That means see you later in Polish!


Last Saturday was my senior prom. It was so exciting to spend a night with my friends dancing to music! Kathy agreed to take some photos of my friends at the park, but the weather wasn’t great, so we instead went to the studio. Here are some of the photos that Kathy took of my friends!

Here’s a photo of all the couples and our eleventh wheel, Thomas. The one that isn’t wearing a tuxedo is Sam. He wanted all of us to dress up as different superheroes, but everyone backed out, except him. Oh well, Sam.


Oh, and speaking of Sam, Kathy and I thought it would be funny to give him a superpower in Photoshop since he was Batman. What do you think?


Here’s a photo of Jacob and Thomas. They didn’t go as a date, but we joke that they’re a couple.


Here are photos of all the girls and guys (silly and smiling). Chris wore crazy striped socks, so the guys were making fun of him for that:


2016-05-19_0008 2016-05-19_0007

And finally, here’s the whole gang, including our bachelor, Thomas, as the star of the photo.


Prom was amazing and so much fun. I’m really glad Kathy could get these cool shots of us for our final prom altogether as friends! I hope you enjoyed my atypical blog post today. I promise I will get back on track soon with a new segment, but I have a surprise for you all next week. Come check it out next Friday! 😉

I hope you’ve had fun these last two weeks playing with VSCO! It’s one of my favorite apps for editing photos on my iPhone. This week, we are switching gears a little bit. Instead of showing you how I generally edit my photo’s exposure, contrast, etc., like I do on VSCO, this week I’ll show you the “micro-editing” I do on Snapseed.

Snapseed has many of the same features that VSCO does, but I prefer to use VSCO for main editing and Snapseed for the “micro edits”, like small touch ups, getting rid of distracting parts of the photo, or to change a specific part of the photo. Let me show you.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

So here is a photo of me with my friend’s horse, Orion. Now, prior to importing the photo into Snapseed, I edited it in VSCO. The photo on the left is post-VSCO processing, but pre-Snapseed processing. See any differences? First, I used Snapseed’s “healing” feature that removes impurities. If you can’t tell, I used this feature to get rid of the white on my sweatshirt and the lead and stains on the floor. This feature took me awhile to get used to, but now that I have it down, it’s great! My advice when you try the healing tool: use small strokes. If you circle a large area, the photo doesn’t get edited well, it just gets messed up. Instead, I repeatedly tap the imperfection that I want to go away.

Next, do you notice any other differences? No, you’re not imagining that my face is brighter and the barn rafters are less yellow in the second photo, I edited it that way. Snapseed also has a cool feature where I can change one aspect of the photo. In this case, I wanted my face to be more exposed, but I didn’t like how yellow the rafters were, so I placed two dots: one near my face and the other near the rafters. In Snapseed, you can only edit one dot at a time though.

Now, let me tell you how these magical dots work. After opening your photo, press “selective”. Then tap where you want the dot to go. In my case, I placed the dot on my face. Once you place it, a white “B” will appear, which is outlined in blue. This means you are adjusting the brightness. You can also edit the contrast and saturation of a certain area as well. In order to change between these three, slide you thumb vertically. The third photo below shows what it should look like when you move your thumbs vertically. Now, once you are on the setting you wish to be on, slide your thumb horizontally. Sliding it to the left will take out whatever the setting you are in. Sliding left will make it darker, have less contrast, or desaturated. Sliding to the right will do the opposite; it will make your photo brighter, more contrasted, or more saturated.


So, there’s how I use Snapseed! There are other features on Snapseed as well, such as different filters and settings you can play around with, but I prefer to do most of my editing on VSCO. These are the only two photo editing applications I use to edit my photos. However, there is one more app that I use that relates to iPhone photography that I’ll introduce next week! See you then!

Last week, I showed you around VSCO. However, I didn’t show you how I actually edit my photos! I didn’t want to bore you and show you too much in one session, but this week I am back and I hope you are ready to learn! So, first thing is first: import your photo. I’m going to use the photo I took while writing the blog about  how to take iPhone photos, shown below.


Above is the original photo that I took with you in the blog called “How to Take Photos with Your iPhone”. Now, let me show you how I edit my photos with VSCO.

First, select the photo. It will be outlined in yellow when you do. then, at the bottom, press the “edit” button, the one with two sliders. Now you will see your photo and at the bottom will be different presets. Go through these and decide which you like the most. Personally, I like T1, but remember that you can buy other presets as well if you wish (although I’ve never felt the need to buy them). I like to choose a preset before editing. For me, it’s easier to choose and preset, then mess with the parts that I don’t like after. For this photo, I feel that both a color and black and white photo would look nice, so I’ll do both.


Now that you’ve chosen a preset, you can adjust the photo more specifically, like I mentioned in the last paragraph. There are many symbols, so let me explain what them from left to right.

First, there’s exposure. This is represented by a little sun. Typically, I like to increase the exposure in my photos. This brightens them up and makes them a bit clearer to see anyway.


Next, there’s contrast. The easiest way for me to explain contrast is that it makes the dark parts of the photo darker and the light parts of the photo lighter.


The third is a straightening feature. This is really helpful when editing my photos because I frequently take photos in a hurry. Sometimes they are a bit crooked, so this feature has saved me multiple times.

Horizontal/Vertical Perspective are two features on VSCO, but they are very similar. This changes the angle or perspective on the photos. This is also similar to straightening. It can help fix your photo!

Cropping your photos is somewhat common. This happens most frequently for me when I decide to upload a photo to Instagram, since their photos must be square.

Clarity (not sure how to explain this)

I personally don’t like sharpening my photos.

Saturation is when you add more color to the photo.


The setting highlights save is when it adjusts the highlights. It brings the highlights down so it’s closer to the rest of the photo.

Shadows save is similar. It brings up the lighting on the shadows.

The temperature is the coloring of the photo. It adjusts the amount of blue or yellow in the photo.


The tint is similar, except it adjusts the green and purple colors in the photo.

While nobody is in the photo, I’ll explain skin tone. This is pretty self explanatory. It adjust the skin tone to make it more yellow or red. So, if you have a red face, this makes it more balanced.

Vignette mostly affects the outside of your photo. It makes the outer area of your photo darker. I like this because it helps focus on your center of the photo.

I don’t like grain. It makes your photo look less clear and pixilated.

Fade is the same as vignetter, but it makes the outer area of your photos lighter instead of darker.

The shadows and highlights tint puts the color of your choice into the highlights of shadows of your photo.


That’s it! I really like VSCO. Some of its features I don’t use frequently because they’re not what I’m looking for in a photo, but they’re fun to mess around and play with. I recommend that you check them out! Finally, here are the final photos. I hope you like them. I can’t wait until next week, when I show you another app I like, Snapseed by Google! See you then!



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