Have you ever wanted to take a photo of say, a beautiful sunset, only for the landscape to be too big to fit into one photo? Maybe you get frustrated, wondering how you could fully reveal the magic of a bright, colorful sunset. Well, stress no more! There’s a camera mode on your iPhone that can do that!

I found this camera mode through my thorough exploration of the iPhone’s camera and I’m hoping that you have enjoyed this little journey I have taken you on. However, today is a bittersweet day, as we are on the last camera mode on the iPhone. Don’t fear though because I plan on writing a few more blogs about the post-processing that you can do on your photos using apps found on the App Store. Anyway, that’s my plan for the next few weeks. In the meantime, let’s figure out how to use the final mode on your iPhone!

Now, let me first explain how panoramas work. Really all the camera is doing when you take a panorama is stitching the photos together. This means it is important to keep a steady hand and follow the cameras directions when taking the photo. I’ll explain more later.

In order to take a panorama, we need to open the camera on your iPhone.  After opening the camera, swipe to the left twice. This will put the camera into ‘pano’ mode, which should be in yellow at the bottom of the screen. In the middle of the screen there should be a yellow horizontal line with an arrow pointing to the right, like I show below. While right is the default, if you tap on the arrow with your finger you can take the photos from right to left, where the arrow is pointing left. This is another way to know you’re in ‘pano’ mode as well.


Now, press the shutter button. After this, you will need to slowly  move the camera across the landscape you wish to photograph. While taking the photo, you will have to follow the instructions on the screen. It will most likely tell you to slow down, move the camera up, or move the camera down. It is important to follow these directions. If you don’t, your photo will look wonky, like I show below.  Try to keep the arrow on the line when taking the photo. This way it won’t look as strange and having black boxes in the photo where the image was not taken. Also, if you go too fast, sometimes you will get what jagged lines. Look at the photo I have below. Look at the computer. See how it’s not a smooth edge? I either went too fast or moved the camera a way I wasn’t supposed to.


And that’s it! Panoramas can be difficult to get down, but they are amazing once you’ve figured them out. Now go share your beautiful sunset photos with your friends and family! Here is my completed panorama of the studio from my desk.



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