Slow motion is a pretty cool form of video. It’s essentially the opposite of a time lapse. Instead of speeding up a video, it slows it down. It does this by taking either 120 or 240 frames per second video. This way, when it slows down the video, it does not look as choppy. Slow motion works best when taking video of fast actions that need to be slowed down with the use of technology, or a something that needs to be emphasised. While there are endless creative ways to use slow motion video, here are some cool ideas to get you started: balloon popping, lighter lighting (kids, please don’t try this), slinkies slinking (?), and so forth.


So, here is how to make a slow motion video. Open the camera in the iPhone, which I explained the multiple ways of how to do it here. Swipe to the right twice to get to the slow motion video mode. Now press the red button at the bottom to begin filming. By the way, I wouldn’t recommend making a long slow motion video, as it can get pretty boring pretty quickly. Now, watch your slow motion video. Now press edit if it’s not slow motion as you wish. There are two different ways you can edit your video. You can edit it as a whole, as in cut out pieces of it in total, or you can change which parts are slow motion. The top bar that you can move adjusts the amount of slow motion in the video, the bottom bar affects the length of the entire video.


So, there you have it! Now go play with your phones, check out Gabi’s slow motion video, and make your own! Post the links here, we would love to see them!

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