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Holiday Session Number Two! The Roberts Family came in recently to have some photos taken, and even brought their dog, Frank! It was fun to take these photos of John, Macy, and Lexi, I especially loved the pictures we took of their youngest, Liz. Happy Holidays to the Roberts Family! 2015-12-14_0002

Last week, we had so much fun taking photos of the Herron family! Their son, Blake, was so energetic and fun, it was hard to get him to sit still for photos! Of course, it was not nearly as hard to get a photo or two of silly faces from him! Happy Holidays to the Herron’s!


A few weeks ago, Kathy and I had fun with Lexi, a Springfield High School senior. We met at Secor Metropark in the morning, and the park was incredibly busy! Coincidentally, a cross country meet, wedding, and bike race all took place on the same day at the metro park! After finding a place to park, we met Lexi, who brought along Gracie, her dog! We had lots of fun, and Lexi wanted to try something new, hence the photo of her heels with her graduation tassel on them. It was a great, sassy idea! The rest of Lexi’s senior session was fairly normal, and very chilly! We are unsure of what Lexi’s plans are for next year, but we know that whatever she does, she will be fabulous at it!


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