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I’ve been a little busy lately taking business portraits. Check these three out!Amanda Baumker Diane Conway Jennifer Fisher

I shot this house for Tony Bassett recently. Check out the cool mailbox! Find out more at1268 Grassy CT.!

I photographed the Tillinghast Willys Bell Mansion for Deb Gedert recently! It was absolutely beautiful! Built in 1901, it is 8,300 square feet and known as one of the best homes in the Old West End.1713 Horseshoe Bend 2210 Robinwood SEPERATE BLOG

Check out these business portraits I did for La-Z-Boy Furniture!


Check out some of the beautiful homes I’ve shot for Tony Bassett recently! Find out more here!

2350 E Grecourt 3015 Pembroke 13026 Mulberry copy

I’ve been pretty busy lately shooting houses for the spring real estate market! Here are some of the houses I’ve shot for Kevin Warren! Check them out here!

1713 Horseshoe Bend 1752 Horseshoe Bend Dr 26752 Lime City copy Warren New Construction

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