Drinks All Around!


Well, the Photography By K studio is still without heat.  Yes, it’s been a week.  Yes, it’s a bummer.  We have a little teensie reprieve, in that the rest of this old, old, building is on a boiler system.  Half of my space on the second floor is actually connected to that boiler, and the gas line (and subsequent heat) have been restored to that portion.  I have my office sealed up as much as I can, in order to force the heat from the radiators to come into my work area.  The actual studio though…is still as cold as ice.  Pretty soon, I think it’s going to sacrifice it’s love.

You may be wondering, “Why the liquor bottles, Kathy?”  Isn’t liquor mandatory when one is going through a stressful situation?  (Note, actual photo taken at a holiday party for a local company. And I didn’t partake. I swear.)  I say, “yes!”  Thursday evening, I had 1 or 3 long island iced teas.  To be quite honest, Jason suggested dinner, and I suggested a bar.  I compromised and went to dinner where there was a bar.

Friday evening, I met a friend/client/co-worker (Kristie from if you are curious) and had a martini.  In case you need to partake in just one drink…go to J. Alexander’s and order the Ginger Martini.  You won’t be disappointed.

Yes, I’ve had a few drinks this week.  Yes, they took the edge off of the stress.  But, just in case you were wondering, they didn’t actually fix the heat.  Super bummer!

The saga does continue – today I received a call from my downstairs neighbor who arrived to work smelling gas.  He called the gas company right away and they headed straight out.  He called me, knowing that I don’t have gas yet, but to suggest that if I get over here, maybe they would test and turn on my meter (since the required work is now complete).  I quickly got dressed (PJs at 10:15 am on a Saturday are mandatory apparel in my book, but the gas company peeps may not agree) and headed in to work.  I met the gas company outside and levied my request…which was quickly denied, because they can’t do anything other than what is on their order.  Super duper bummer.  So…now the building has a new leak. The gas will most likely go off again. And, the gas company isn’t scheduled to turn my meter back on until next Friday anyway. Where’s my crystal ball?  Are there more drinks in my future?  Oh, wait, I can just use this empty vodka bottle over here……..


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