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Look at this beautiful home in Toledo! It’s listed by Tony Bassett & The Danberry Co., Realtors. Want to learn more? Visit

































Meet the Adams family! Kathy has known them for years, as they go to the same campground. Every once in a while she gets to take some of their family pictures and says that they get more fun each time! This year, they have a surprise set of photos that they are keeping for their Christmas Cards. If you are on their list, we know that your are certainly in for a treat!




Kathy recently did some photos for Dan McCarthy. This lovely home in Ida is listed by “Dan McCarthy & The Danberry Co =., Realtors. The house sits on ten acres, has a pool, and a pole barn. Visit for more information.





This is the other home Kathy took photos of for Dan McCarthy. It’s in West Toledo, listed by Dan McCarthy & the Danberry co., Realtors.  Visit for more information. It’s very charming, with three bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms.


Kathy recently had some fun doing Kim’s business portraits! Kim is a mortgage consultant in the Toledo, Ohio area, and needed a business portrait for her business cards. There’s a bit of jealousy in this post, I regret to admit. Kim was going on a week’s long vacation in Mexico after her portraits. Good luck Kim! Have fun!



This is Caleb! As a 2015 graduating senior at Sylvania Southview, he and his mother came into the studio, wishing for a photo for him in the yearbook. We got this good shot, but much to mom’s dismay, he didn’t want to be in front of the lense for very long.  We aren’t sure what Caleb wants to do after this school year, but whatever he does, we wish him the best!


A few weeks ago, Kathy had the fun opportunity to do Michelle’s senior portraits! They were done at the studio and around Wildwood park. Michelle is a senior at St. Ursula, graduating June of 2015. She plays golf, and wants to move away for college, but we don’t know where yet. Good luck Michelle!



Meet the Mazur’s. The father and husband, Aaron, has recently passed away.  Unfortunately, Kathy never had the opportunity of making the acquaintance of Aaron. She met the  family, Katelyn and her two children, when participating in their aMAZing Mazur Benefit. This was to raise money for Aaron’s recent transplant, along with the local organ donation organization, “Donate for Life”.

Recently, Katelyn contacted Kathy, wishing to have family portraits, in honor of Aaron. She met them in downtown Grand Rapids, Ohio. Katelyn had a clever idea: to wear Aaron’s shirts in order to keep him included in the family portrait.


Photography By K wishes the Mazur’s all the best in the years to come.




Hi! My name is Gabi, short for Gabrielle. I began working for Kathy a few weeks ago, and we decided that it’s time the world knew! How does this pertain to you? Well, you’ll probably come in contact with me in a few situations.  You may see me at photo sessions as well. Really, I am Kathy’s left-hand (wo)man, and I do lots of behind-the-scenes work, that you may not even take into account.

Your invoice you receive? That’s me.

Question about scheduling? Me again.

Updating this blog? Hi, that’s me.

Taking care of the office? Yup. I’m also a maid.


That said, it all began a few months ago. A friend of mine came in for portraits, on a particularly bad day. The printers weren’t working, everything was going wrong for Kathy. So, my friend told me that Kathy had been looking for an assistant. I emailed Kathy right away, explaining who I was, who I knew, and that I had heard she was looking for someone. We had an interview, and suddenly I had a job!

So, here are a few things about me:

I go to Maumee Valley. Between working and schoolwork, I play the French horn for Toledo Youth Symphony Orchestra. I also play piano, and guitar for fun, at least when I have time. I enjoy speaking English, Spanish, and a little bit of Russian, and Swedish when I can. I crochet little stuffed animals, along with things like scarves, hats, etc. In all of this mess, I have a pitbull who will kill you with kindness, Joker. One last thing about me, I love sweaters.

Congratulations, you’ve gotten this far without losing interest. Good for you. Lastly, this January, you will probably see me attached to Kathy’s hip. Why? My school has a program called Winterim. You can do a million different things for it, but Kathy and I have chosen that I will learn how to be a photographer and businesswoman, through Kathy’s mentoring.


I guess that’s all. I hope you’re excited to meet me, because I am excited to meet you!

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