So, you’ve read yesterday’s post and come back for more?!  Yea!  Today is all about AFTER that hard decision to hire a professional to take photos of your home.  Now what?  There’s lots to do, so let’s jump right in!

1. Staging

Everyone who is selling a home should have their home professionally staged for the photography.  Not to mention the fact that the staging – in my opinion – is absolutely necessary for all showings, too.  Oh, did I just mention it?  Yep.  Staging, staging, staging.  I have a great stager to recommend, too: Michele Thrasher from Staging By Mon Brio.  Just take a gander at the photos above one more time.  They portray a picture-perfect home.  One that we all THINK our homes actually look like.  I say THINK because, well, look around you right now.  If you’re anything like me at all, you have a pile of mail over here…some laundry waiting to be put away over there…that extra bookshelf in the corner that doesn’t quite fit (or match) but you really need to put your stuff on it…etc. etc.  Michele will explain to you that staging a home for sale is VERY DIFFERENT than our everyday life.  She has great tips on both design/function AND keeping you and your loved ones and your loved belongings safe during the time when your home will be on the market.  Plus?  I absolutely LOVE photographing a home after Michele has been there… 🙂  Call her.  You won’t be disappointed!  |  |  419.350.5654

2. Scheduling

We’ll want to schedule your photography to occur before your home is actually listed in the MLS with your REALTOR.   This should occur sometime between when you’ve signed your listing contract and when the agent actually places the your home for sale on the internet.  When I call to schedule a photography session with you, I’ll typically request access to your home for approximately two hours (longer or shorter depending on your home’s size).  I typically plan to either meet you, a spouse, another family member, or sometimes your real estate agent at your home for this appointment.

3. Tidying

Is that a word?  Sure!  The last thing to do right before your photography session is to tidy up your personal belongings.  Yes, Michele will explain all of this in your staging appointment, but here are just a few things that often get left behind the morning of the shoot:

  • Personal care items – place them out of sight.  Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoos, razors, lotions, soaps, etc., etc. should all be put under the sink or into the medicine cabinet.
  • Family photos – remove and replace with generic art.
  • Pet items – hide away.  This includes food/water dishes, toys and crates. 
…and that just about covers it!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about getting ready for a real estate photography session!
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