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You’re graduating?!  Yea!  Most high school seniors want some creative portraits in addition to their yearbook photo during their senior year, and I am here to deliver.  Sure, I can take your yearbook photo in my home studio*, but in order to really get creative, we’ll want to get outside!  This is why the most popular time to take senior photos is during the warmer months – over summer break before the start of the senior year.  Let’s discuss how to prepare for your session…no matter when it’s scheduled!

*Special note regarding yearbook photos: some schools require the yearbook shot to be taken by a particular, pre-determined photographer.  Typically, instructions will be distributed at the start of the school year; regardless, you won’t be required to take your creative portraits at any one studio, and I hope that you’ll consider Photography By K!


First and foremost, high school senior sessions are typically all about the senior.  And, while that’s true, it’s also a wonderful time to take the opportunity to snap a few photos with some other loved ones.  Life is crazy…one day, you are taking photos of your kids every. single. day.  Then, it’s about once a month when you pull out the camera.  Then, it becomes just for special occasions.  When is the last time that you took a photo of your family?  When is the last time you were IN that photo?  My point-and I do have one-is that everyone should celebrate this great accomplishment and rite of passage.  Mom and Dad should hop in a photo or two.  Sisters, Brothers, Best Friends, Furry Best Friends (aka the dog/cat) are all welcome at the session!  Sure, the senior is the star, and we’ll probably only snap a few quick shots of the others.  But?  If you take the time to get everyone together, you certainly won’t regret it!


I personally think having multiple locations for a graduating high school senior is awesome.  Some folks are okay with just one place, and that’s cool, too, but having a nice variety of backgrounds, colors, and textures, will make a really killer portfolio display for the graduation party!  Take, for example, the hockey dude above.  We met at the Toledo Ice House for a few shots both in the locker room and on the ice.  Then, we came to my home studio to get really creative with lighting (and to take care of the ever-important yearbook photo).  Finally, we ended up at Wildwood for some great shots on the boardwalk leading up to the covered bridge (not pictured here, sorry!).  The gal?  We headed to downtown Toledo and hit up about 5-6 different locations to get lots of colors and grungy details.  The only limit is the time…I’ll hit up as many different places as you’d like during your 2 hour session.  Get creative, and get outside!


This kind of goes hand-in-hand with #2 above.  Your backdrop may determine your props.  However, I not only allow, but ENCOURAGE you to bring as much stuff and as many changes of clothes as you’d like.  Again, the only constraint is the 2 hour time limit for each session.  If you want to change twice or ten times…great!  If you want to wear a uniform or bring your instrument…go on with your bad self!  The bottom line is that I want to make sure that the senior’s personality is captured.  This is what makes everyone’s session unique.  No two seniors that book me will have the same photos!


I get a LOT of questions about posing.  How to…?  What should I do…?  Where does my hand go…?  You want me to what?!?  I take a very hands-off approach to posing.  Instead of instructing the seniors to copy a position, I’ll guide them into a pose by telling them to sit or stand or turn, etc. etc.  I take pride in making sure that you look the best in every photo.  Do I fall short sometimes?  SURE!  Everyone does; after all, we are human.  I love it when I take a photo too early/late and get a wacky expression (I promise to never post those on Facebook!)…those are the kind of perfect, happy accidents that help to relax everyone.  Posing is an art, not necessarily a science.  What works for one, doesn’t always work for all.  Not to worry…I have lots of tricks up my sleeve, and if a particular pose doesn’t work for your senior, I’ll guide him/her into the next!  Oh, and one more thing.  I promise…no danger at my sessions.  If your senior ASKS me to capture them doing something mildly dangerous (jumping, climbing, balancing), I’ll look to mom/dad first.  You make the call.  I will never, ever SUGGEST a dangerous pose.  And?  I’ve personally only fallen down on someone like…twice……Kidding! 🙂

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