So, you want to celebrate your relationship with a lovely photo of you with your love?  What a great idea!  Here are some tips to consider when preparing for your one-on-one…on-one (I’ll be there, too!) session.

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Are you and your honey celebrating something special?  Use your photo session location to commemorate that event!  Perhaps you are high school or college sweethearts…photos at the alma mater might be nice.  Just having a night out on the town without the kiddos tagging along?  Downtown provides some snazzy backdrops.  Maybe you’ve just bought your first home…photos on your new street strolling hand-in-hand would fit the bill!  Or, take a cue from the couple above who renewed their wedding vows in Chicago…and get outta town!  I’ll happily meet you at the location of your choice!* (*Travel fees may apply, of course.)


We don’t have to be all smiles all the time during your session.  I want to capture the love you share…the ups and downs of a real relationship…the true nitty gritty emotional bond.  I may ask you to look at each other, steal a kiss or two, or simply gaze off into the distance.  I promise that these actions won’t result in cheesy poses, but rather a true portrait of how you are together, right here, right now.  This leads me into #3…


During your session, I’ll probably be asking lots of questions and having you fill me in on lots of details.  How did you meet?  Was it love at first sight?  When did you realize that you were meant for each other/doomed to spend eternity together?  Ok, so that last one isn’t a real question.  As far as you know! 😉  The point is, I’m going to talk to you throughout the session.  Relax.  Sink into your story.  Doing this and playing along will result in a very honest portrayal of your relationship.


Many people who contact me to update their portrait with a significant other make the assumption that the session will be shorter than a full family session because after all, “it’s just the two of us”.  Wrong!  I give you the same amount of time and attention to detail as I would a whole gaggle of folks.  I want you to have options when proofing your photos.  By looking at the sample above, you’ll see that I had them in two very distinct settings (and there were more…these are just the two I’m showing you here).  The first (on the left) shows them at Navy Pier.  We did some fun shots and some serious shots.  Some with the Navy Pier backdrop and some with the Chicago city skyline behind them.  Then, we went to a neutral location (on the right).  This series shows a progression of various emotions as we were sharing “happy!”, “sad!”, “surprised!” etc.  We did other poses here, too, of course.  My point?  We’ll walk together.  We’ll talk together.  We’ll play and have a little fun together.  And yes.  The session will still last about an hour to an hour and a half together. 🙂

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