Today, we’re going to keep the ball rolling on the Preparing for… series and tackle the most common questions I receive from families who have scheduled photo sessions.

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Don’t.  Just kidding!  Kind of.  I hear a LOT of questions about what to wear.  It’s probably #1 on the list of the most stressful decisions leading up to a photo session.  It’s worse than packing for a vacation without access to the weather forecast; you just get to pick ONE outfit for EVERYONE, and then hope  pray that the kids don’t get messy before the snapping begins.  The advice I always give is be comfortable and be yourself.  Wear what you feel comfortable in.  If the kids just won’t put on jeans, then dress them in leggings or khakis.  If dad never wears a button down shirt, please don’t force him into one for a portrait.  The more comfortable you are in your clothing, the more relaxed you will look in your photos.  Relaxed expressions = natural smiles!  Oh, about the matchy-matchy thing?  I recommend staying away from the “white shirt and jeans” phenomenon.  It’s just not natural.  Check out the family above.  Everyone in a different color, but it’s summer, and it works!

Think about where you are going to be displaying your photos when deciding on clothing choices.  If you want a photo to display on the mantel in your family room, but your family room doesn’t contain neon green…I’d recommend NOT wearing neon green on the day of your session.  🙂

Also, remember this one tip: The person in the lightest/brightest color will stand out.  Perfect…if that’s what you’re going for.  Just keep that in mind when putting together a pastel color scheme but your sister wants to wear royal blue because it brings out her eyes.  She’ll be the star in every picture!  Probably not what you are going for…


This is a great one for the family that wants to have annual pictures taken for the scrapbook.  Try out different places, spaces, and even props for your session.  Maybe you’d like to commemorate a new home by having your session in your front yard and on your front porch.  Perhaps a son/daughter just got the acceptance letter from UT or BGSU (the campuses both make great backdrops).  What’s going on in your life right now?  We’ll come up with a perfect way to celebrate it and create a lasting memory!


Sammy has football practice at 4:00, dad doesn’t get home from work until 5:00, Sally goes to dance class at 6:00…ugh!  Working around everyone’s schedule (and still finding time to eat) can definitely be a challenge!  Don’t worry too much.  Call me.  We’ll chat.  I will find a way to schedule your session so that everyone can participate.  Maybe it’s a Saturday morning.  Perhaps a Sunday evening before the week begins.  That one Monday next month that the kids are off school and you’ll plan to take a 1/2 day at work?  Call me!  We’ll chat!  **I do tend to book approximately 4-6 weeks in advance in the fall season and 2-3 weeks in advance the rest of the year, so the earlier you call, the more flexible I can be to meet your scheduling needs.**


Have fun!  Don’t take the session too seriously!  We’ll get the shots.  I promise.  Every now and again there are circumstances out of all of our control that don’t allow a full session.  Sometimes, it starts to rain.  Sometimes, kids just want nothing to do with it.  Don’t worry.  We’ll schedule a follow-up and we’ll get the shots.  The big thing to remember?  Smile.  Have fun.  Enjoy the dedicated hour with your family.  I’ll capture your memories along the way!

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