…or Happy Holidays! if you don’t celebrate Christmas.  Or Merry-End-Of-2012! if you don’t celebrate anything right now.  Whatever you are doing today, make it a great day!

I’m vacationing with family in the moderately temperatured Myrtle Beach, SC.  Of course, I’ve been annoying everyone with my photography.  I force the car to stop at random times.  I can’t leave a location just yet because the light’s not quite right.  I’ve been working on everyone’s nerves!

I’ll share just one of my favorites from the trip so far – it’s a shot at dusk, just after sunset, from our balcony looking south along the Myrtle Beach strip:

If you want to follow along with the fun from my trip on flickr, you can find the Photography By K flickr set here. 🙂

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