If you own pets, I’m sure that you’ve suffered from the anxiety that comes with their “firsts” in your home.  The first night wondering if they’ll need to go out at 3 am.  The first time left alone outside of their crate.  The first time an unexpected house guest comes to the door.  The first time decorating for a holiday wondering if they will eat your favorite ornament…

That last one had me nervous this year.  Indy came to live with us in March after we adopted him from the Toledo Animal Shelter.  He is such a good dog…he was completely house broken, likes to play, never bites, walks on a leash fairly well, etc.  However, just because he’s good with most things, doesn’t mean that I wasn’t nervous about getting out the Christmas decorations.

Indy is fairly curious.  He doesn’t really get into things that he’s not supposed to, he just likes to look around and smell and go behind the furniture to see what’s there.  He has the run of the house during the day, without any problems.  We’ve only had one “incident” with the trash (and what dog hasn’t rummaged to find a scrap or two in it’s lifetime, right?) and only one item eaten that wasn’t edible.  To be fair, the item in question was a birthday hat out of my studio…it was pink and sparkly and had fluffy feathers on the end.  It looked like a toy.  I was only mad  for a split second.  He thought it belonged to him. 😉  Still, even with 9 months of a good record behind us, I just wasn’t sure how he’s treat the tree, with all of it’s sparkle and flair.

Here’s the answer:

Nothing to worry about!  Well, unless you are expecting to receive a gift from me this year…it just might be covered in Indy hair! LOL!


  1. Debby Jaworski says:

    so cute what a good little dog

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