If you’ve never visited Beautiful Blooms By Jen in Sylvania, Ohio, you must go now!  Or, better yet…wait until you’ve read my post, then run like the wind over to her shop.  🙂

I love Jen’s work.  I’ve been using her for all of my floral needs since I discovered her through Jason.  Yes, ladies, be jealous.  Jason is the kind of guy that just stops and picks up flowers on a whim.  I love that he does that!  One day, a couple of years ago, he did just that.  He stopped into Jen’s shop, and she was preparing for a wedding that weekend.  He was kind of in the way, and didn’t really know what he wanted, but she stopped what she was doing and whipped him up a GORGEOUS vase.  Ever since that day, and since he told me the story of her service, I’ve shopped with her exclusively.

My friend and fellow blogger, Mary, recently introduced me to the fact that Jen held mini-classes in her shop.  For a small fee, you can register to attend and create the item that she’s chosen for the class.  We’ve done two so far: a Thanksgiving centerpiece and a Christmas wreath.  Both were so much fun!

Here’s my Thanksgiving centerpiece:

And here’s my Christmas wreath:

Both turned out well; and most of the credit can go right on back to Jen!

After our Christmas wreath class, Mary and I decided to keep on crafting and make another wreath.  Our medium of choice was that mesh ribbon stuff (I’m pretty sure that’s the technical term) and wire wreath forms.  If you’ve never worked with this stuff before, just think onion bags…yep, that’s pretty much what it is.  Onion bags with silver sparkly threads that turn to dust when you cut them.  Oh, and it stretches out of shape and then sticks to itself in weird and wacky ways.  What I’m telling you here is that it was so much fun! (Sarcasm Alert Level: Off The Charts)

Here is me as I was about 1/2 done with mine:

Just in case you were living under a rock this summer, that is the McKayla Maroney “not impressed” face.  I wasn’t exactly feeling it as a wreath.  Or as a fascinator for that matter! Ha!

Here is the final product:

It kind of looks like a clown wig.  I brought it home and Jason’s only question was “Where are you going to hang that?”.  I think he’s slightly afraid of it. 🙂

I think I’m going to stick to making my wreaths and centerpieces at Beautiful Blooms By Jen from now on.  LOL!


  1. And yet, my wreath is amazing! LOL If you want to find the directions for making your own mesh wreath, check out my blog: and listen to 101.5 The River Wednesday morning at 7:30 when Mama on the Fly tells you more about these fun mesh wreaths!

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