Okay, it may come as no surprise that this blog has been seriously neglected as of late.  I might have even written about it before

AND?  I get constant – and I mean CONSTANT – reminders from my fall intern, Jacob, that I have some blogging to do.  Well, Jacob?  This blog’s for you! 🙂

I vow to blog more.  If you’ve had a session with me this fall, I vow to blog about it.  I will blog, I will blog, I will blog (picture me writing that on a chalkboard, over and over again.) I have vowed it, so it will happen!

Before the new year, I WILL get into the habit of blogging regularly again.  I decree that this will not have to be my new year’s resolution; no, it will be my end-of-the-year commitment for December.  Update your feeds.   Subscribe by email.  Bookmark the site.  There’s content-a-comin’.  I promise!

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