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Whoa.  This post is a long time coming.  Over the summer-yes I said summer-I did a photo shoot for a previous client of mine who I found out crochets baby stuff.  All kinds of baby stuff.  She does hats and dresses and fabulous things.

Check out the Chalooby Baby Boutique on Etsy to see how cute her stuff is!
Here are just a few images taken of my beautiful model, Brenna, with some of the Chalooby items:

If you have little ones, or know someone who does, you will definitely want to check out her items!  You can find the Chalooby Baby Boutique on Facebook and in the Blogosphere, as well…don’t miss it!

I think you will remember Leonard from an earlier summer session.  Here is his sister, Isabel, and the rest of the family!  We met on the grounds of a family home – the grounds were spectacular, but the people?  Were even better!

Meet Erin, another Bedford HS Senior that I had the pleasure to meet this winter!  Erin is gorgeous and wanted to marry the funkiness and grunginess of downtown Toledo with all of her natural beauty for her session.  I think we might have succeeded, don’t you? 🙂

…let me tell you about The Danberry Treasure Chest Charity Auction.  Every fall, The Danberry Co., Realtors put on an auction that benefits their charity.  This charity helps fund families in need who have children at Toledo Children’s Hospital (among other local charities…read all about the Treasure Chest on their website at:

This year, I was asked to revive the Photo Booth By K – a live photo booth where participants could memorialize their fun evening with a prop-filled picture.  It was a blast!  Take a peek at a few photos from the event and booth, and consider getting a ticket to the 2013 event, you won’t regret it!

…or Happy Holidays! if you don’t celebrate Christmas.  Or Merry-End-Of-2012! if you don’t celebrate anything right now.  Whatever you are doing today, make it a great day!

I’m vacationing with family in the moderately temperatured Myrtle Beach, SC.  Of course, I’ve been annoying everyone with my photography.  I force the car to stop at random times.  I can’t leave a location just yet because the light’s not quite right.  I’ve been working on everyone’s nerves!

I’ll share just one of my favorites from the trip so far – it’s a shot at dusk, just after sunset, from our balcony looking south along the Myrtle Beach strip:

If you want to follow along with the fun from my trip on flickr, you can find the Photography By K flickr set here. 🙂

…a Springfield HS Senior this year.  Now, meet Kelly’s bare feet:

When I met Kelly, she was adamant that she not wear shoes during her session.  And she totally didn’t. 🙂 LOVE!  Kelly moved back to Ohio with her family after spending several years in California.  She told me that she honestly loves the cold, and she even wears a snowflake necklace to prove it!  We had such a blast working together in downtown Maumee and in Sidecut park for her senior photo session!

Kelly and her mom each have tattoos that they had done together – Kelly’s is an infinity “love” design.
I think that is such a cool thing for mother and daughter to do together!

It was a cold, windy and even at times, rainy day when I met the Fleck family for some photos in downtown Sandusky.  They were great about running around to find little warm spots and treasures amongst the brick buildings.  We made sure to drive between locations, so that we could blast the heat and warm up our fingers and toes, too!  Here are a few of my personal favorites from their recent session:

After finishing up outside, we rescheduled for a few indoor shots just for 5 year old K.  She had So. Much. Fun. with the sequins and glitter!  What a blast!

When I was a kid, I remember getting dressed up for my annual Christmas program at church.  My mom would dress my sister and I in our new holiday dresses, tights and shoes, and we would even get to wear lipstick.  It was a big deal!  Then, we would head to church, where we’d all take the stage and throw a few elbows to get to be the closest one to the microphone at the front row and sing the usual rounds of Away in a Manger and Silent Night, while the parents in the audience would take pictures and clap happily (despite the fact that we’d absolutely ruined their eardrums for the rest of the evening).  I have fond memories of these events.

Christmas programs aren’t what they used to be.  Now, they seem to be all-out productions, including story-lines and costumes and lighting and…even…SANTA!

This is my niece’s Christmas program at her school:

A decorated set, narrators, and a full chorus.  🙂  I must say, her school puts on quite a show!  Just check out some of the kids’ costumes:

Crazy, am I right?  But, it was absolutely adorable!  My niece was a sleeping girl; they sang a song about getting slippers for Christmas:

…and yes, she is absolutely missing her two front teeth this year! 🙂  Oh, and the kicker for this program?  Santa totally made an appearance:

Nope, Christmas programs aren’t the same.  They’re so much better!

My new friend, Elise, recently called to ask if I would head up to her ranch to take some photos of everything all decked out for the holidays.  Every time I visit, I’m just in awe of the new changes and additions, so was I going to pass up this great opportunity?  Nope!

Everwood Ranch is located at 3535 Wells Rd. in Petersburg, MI.  It’s a private ranch, but just absolutely gorgeous!  Here are a few of my favorites from our brief holiday photo session:

If you own pets, I’m sure that you’ve suffered from the anxiety that comes with their “firsts” in your home.  The first night wondering if they’ll need to go out at 3 am.  The first time left alone outside of their crate.  The first time an unexpected house guest comes to the door.  The first time decorating for a holiday wondering if they will eat your favorite ornament…

That last one had me nervous this year.  Indy came to live with us in March after we adopted him from the Toledo Animal Shelter.  He is such a good dog…he was completely house broken, likes to play, never bites, walks on a leash fairly well, etc.  However, just because he’s good with most things, doesn’t mean that I wasn’t nervous about getting out the Christmas decorations.

Indy is fairly curious.  He doesn’t really get into things that he’s not supposed to, he just likes to look around and smell and go behind the furniture to see what’s there.  He has the run of the house during the day, without any problems.  We’ve only had one “incident” with the trash (and what dog hasn’t rummaged to find a scrap or two in it’s lifetime, right?) and only one item eaten that wasn’t edible.  To be fair, the item in question was a birthday hat out of my studio…it was pink and sparkly and had fluffy feathers on the end.  It looked like a toy.  I was only mad  for a split second.  He thought it belonged to him. 😉  Still, even with 9 months of a good record behind us, I just wasn’t sure how he’s treat the tree, with all of it’s sparkle and flair.

Here’s the answer:

Nothing to worry about!  Well, unless you are expecting to receive a gift from me this year…it just might be covered in Indy hair! LOL!

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