Hope you enjoyed the last partner introduction! Now I’d like you to meet Kristie Feeback:

Q. What is your name and your company name or place of employment?

A. Real Estate and Refinement/ Danberry Realtors

Q. What got you into your career?

A. My family.  My father was a custom home builder and land developer for 35 years.  My brother is a Real Estate attorney.  Real Estate is in my blood!

Q. Are you a member of any professional organizations?

A. Yes.  The Toledo Board of Realtors

Q. What are you passionate about? 

A. My family and friends, Real Estate, Design, Art, Gardening, living well and spending little, good manners.

Q. What is it about Photography By K that draws your business to her?

A. Her amazing eye for detail!  Kathy captures not only the “Real Estate” but the nuance’s that make a home special.  Additionally, she is prompt, professional and has a great laugh.

Q. What actor would play you in a movie about you? 

A. Living, not a clue. Dead, Lucille Ball.

Q. What’s your favorite meal?

A. My favorite non- glutenous meal is lobster, cold water, and fillet, warm rare.

Q. How can people best contact you?

A. or by mobile: 419-351-2555

Thanks Kristie!


  1. Thanks Kathy!

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