So, I have not been blogging lately.  But, that’s not because there has been a lack of blog topics.  I’ve just been super busy.  Busy professionally, and busy personally.  Here is just a quick peek into my life as of late:

1. Taking soccer team photos for my niece’s soccer team in Marblehead.
2. Indy’s been sleeping.  He naps constantly.  I just wish that I could join him!
3. Took a photo walk through Secor Metropark and snagged this little guy stocking up for the cold months.  BTW…did you know that Wolfinger Cemetery is supposedly haunted???  Me neither!
4. Celebrating cousin Jayme’s birthday in late September.  Happy Belated Birthday Random Blogette!
5. An old friend got married in California, and had a reception back here at home.  Said friend isn’t pictured here, but these are other old friends from high school at my table.
6. My dad’s a nutball.  ‘Nuff said. 🙂
7. Held a photo booth for the Danberry Treasure Chest Charity Auction.  Good food, good friends, great cause!
8. Football season started!  This is my BIL and niece enjoying a game with us.
9. Indy = Fire-breathing beast.  Or, not so much.  Whateve!
10. Reese lost more teeth!
11. Watching my Alma Mater, BGSU, lose tremendously to the UT Rockets. 🙁
12. Ottawa Hills varsity girls soccer.  This really was a professional photo shoot.  I swear! LOL!
13. Attended a private party called a “Hootenanny”.  I’m not even making that up.
14. Senior photos have been busy for me lately.  I had my first ever hockey player call…what a blast!
15. A gift from my mom: a brand new Photography By K banner.  Awesome!
16. Indy is totally a bully to his stuffed animals…  
17. …but, Indy actually did graduate from his training class.  Go figure.
18.  Been busy at the events this fall.  Here is my mom (my assistant) and Jacob (my fall intern) at the Lighthouse festival in Marblehead.
19. Youth league football…cousin got to play at the UT stadium for the championship game.  These kids are like 10 and 12 years old.  Crazy!
20. Cousin Bridgey is a senior!  I’m old.
And?  Now you are up-to-date with all of the exciting happenings around here.  Thanks for stopping by! 

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