Seriously.  This is a little-known fact about me.  I mean really, I’m a photographer, so I should be used to being around groups of people.  But this:

was a scene from my worst nightmare!  Ah!
I invited myself tagged along with a friend to the Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan, this weekend.  This just happened to be the very LAST weekend for the festival, and it was a beautiful early fall day in these parts, so everyone…and I mean everyone…descended upon the festival.  It was absolutely crazy, but I have to say, I did have fun.  Mostly people-watching.  There were definitely people to watch.  Like this guy:
…and these guys…:
…and even these guys, too!:
I’ll wrap up this post with just a few more quick photos from the day…
Did you know that a Straslueberry is a blueberry, stuffed inside a raspberry, stuffed inside a strawberry, and then dipped in chocolate?  Heaven.

We didn’t watch the pirate show.  It was rated a”R”rr, after all.  Ha!
Even though it was fun, and fun to people-watch, the Renaissance Festival did nothing to squelch my hatred of crowds.  Just sayin’.  🙂


  1. You captured the sights perfectly! Agreed, the crowds were a bit much. I’m hi-jacking your blog to include a link to my review of the Festival here:

    Glad you tagged along!

  2. Great retro look to your photography K. Crowds I don’t mind, it’s small talk I have a problem with. After how are you, I’m at a loss for words LOL.

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