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…of 2011.  Is it weird that I took these photos last year (almost to the day) and have just now gotten around to looking at them?  They’ve been sitting in the land of the abyss that is known as my external hard-drive.  Now you know why I give YOU a hard time when you tell me “Oh, I just don’t know what to choose just yet, can I just buy a CD?”  Ha.  Been there.  Done that! 🙂

Something you didn’t know about me (and I didn’t really know about myself until just this year)…I’m something of a night owl.  Not the out-having-fun-visiting-with-friends-bar-hopping kind of night owl, no.  More of the I’m-going-to-finish-this-project-that-I’m-working-on-even-if-I’m-still-up-at-2:30 am kind of night owl.

I never used to be this way.  When you work on someone else’s schedule (i.e. – have a JOB outside of your own house), you kind of have to go to bed at a reasonable time so that you can get up and start the day at a reasonable time.  However, now that I work for myself?  I find that I get more done in the wee hours of the morning, when no one is around to bother me and the TV isn’t beckoning with the new episodes of Castle and Dancing With The Stars and Modern Family and The Office…(um, so problem #1 has been identified).

Working until 2:00 am or so definitely has it’s perks is all I’m saying.  The downside?  This is usually what I see when I make my way back into my office the next day:

That’s 10:22 AM…and that’s where I like to start my day!

Next post: Why on earth is my wall clock “Water Proof”? And other crazy questions that bug.  Just kidding.  But if anyone knows the answer…please do tell!

This is the final post in a 3 part series.  Catch up with the previous posts here!

Thanks for checking back to view the remaining featured units from Noneman Real Estate Company!

Maple Grove of Point Place
Info: 419-467-7425

Ridgewood of Perrysburg
Info: 419-467-7425

The Ridge at TGI Friday’s
Info: 419-865-5505

If you missed part 1, catch up here…

Here are a few more rental units from Noneman Real Estate Company:

Garden Arms of Westgate
Info: 419-290-9117

Glanzman Village of South Toledo
Info: 419-304-0849

Greystone Lofts of Reynolds
Info: 419-865-5505

Check back again soon…there are a few more featured units still to come!

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting my blog again (at least up until this week!).  In part, that was due to my busy schedule with real estate photography.  I’ve been working on a project for Noneman Real Estate Company here in Toledo.  They have rental properties all over town, and they were in need of some new photos for marketing materials.  I’ve photographed 9 units so far, and there might be a few more to come!

Here are a few of the units:

Bedford Meadows of Michigan
Info: 419-467-7425

Centurion House of Westfield
Info: 419-290-9117

Chesterfield of Maumee
Info: 419-893-5808

Stay tuned for more great rentals!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel across the country in style?  Wonder no more…

This is a 2007 American Eagle Luxury Motorcoach.  Awesome, right?  Here’s a quick video tour:

For sale for the right price, to the right buyer…contact Elise if you’re interested in discovering more!

This weekend, Megan & Madison had an outdoor photo session in downtown Sylvania.  Their mom got in on the fun, too, and I’ll have lots more to show of all three lovely ladies very soon.  Until then, here is a very quick sneak peek of the sisters…hard to believe they are only 10 and 12 years old.  Careful mom and dad – they are going to be heart breakers!

…and Spencer turns 1!  Recently met up with this great family out at the Marblehead Lighthouse.  The last time I saw Spencer…well, okay, I didn’t really see him so much as I was in his presence.  He wasn’t yet born, but was on the way!  And now?  He’s walking and running and just a ball of energy and fun! Hope you had a great 1st Birthday!

Yes, you read that right.  An intern.  How awesome is that?!?  I won’t take it personally that he applied by default, since he was frightfully close to starting the school year without the required position.  I also won’t even mention the fact that he’s not really that into photography (YET).  🙂

Soooo, then why is Jacob interning for me this fall semester?  I’ll let him tell you in his own words:

“Hi! I am Jacob Vogel, a Lourdes University marketing student and intern with Photography by K. I will be helping Kathy out this semester with various tasks so you may see me or you may only see my work. I have a love of computers so blogging and social networking are most likely where I will be assisting. Feel free to contact me at Have an O. K. day! “

Yes!  I am super geeked about having my very own intern!  And, a marketing student, to boot.  It just can’t get much better.  I’m going to be so very up on the Twitterers and Tweeters and Facebook-Friending…and whatever else the kids are into these days!
If you’re booking a session in the fall, you just may get to meet Jacob!  Welcome Jacob, and happy happy beginnings to your Senior year!
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