Valerie recently called me to schedule a headshot photo session on-location at her office in Toledo.  She explained that she didn’t need a traditional headshot, and that she was actually going to need it to submit to another company – one that would be hosting a conference where she would be a presenter – and her headshot had to include elements of her job.

Challenge accepted!

Note: Valerie Suelzer and I worked together while I was the Director of Education at The Danberry Co., Realtors.  Valerie still holds the reins as their Director of Technology, and she continues to roll out some pretty cool stuff…check out the Danberry Blog for up-to-date information about everything real estate in Toledo, Ohio, and surrounding areas!


  1. Yes, Non-traditional is right – I KNEW you would rise to the challenge and do something cool. Thanks Kathy – you made it a lot of fun, too. Miss you!

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