Last week, I had a rude awakening when I attempted to dump my latest photo session files from my camera’s memory card onto my hard-drive.  (My 500 GB hard-drive.)  It. Was. FULL!  It said “nope.  nada.  not gonna put that here!” and then it laughed manically at my heartache.

Ok, so I MIGHT be being a little bit dramatic.
But, what?  How on earth did I fill up 500 GB?  I ALWAYS back-up my files to an external hard-drive, burn to a disk when a session is completely done and then clear the files off of my desktop’s hard-drive.  ALWAYS.  At least, right up until Christmas of last year…ish.  
So, I had about 7 months worth of data being stored on my poor computer.  And?  It was mad at me!  Thus, I had to begin the very slow and painful process of burning disks and clearing off my hard-drive.  This is the insane successful result:
In total, about 75 disks, all lined up and stacked neatly by month, awaiting their final resting place in the CaseLogic binder (which is also almost full…shhh!)
Mental note to not let 7 months go by before doing this again!


  1. I can sympathize. My husband has back ups to his backs lol. It’s a great feeling to be able to provide your client with an image that they request which was taken years ago but it’s a lot of work too. Hang in there : D

    • Opps – I meant to say back ups to his back ups – it’s just been one of those days. I’ve spent too much time with Apple Support for a software problem and now I can’t even talk think straight : D

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