Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas?  To any of my readers that don’t celebrate that particular holiday – can you believe that it’s almost 2012? 🙂  I certainly can’t…so much still to do!  I haven’t been feeling particularly festive this year.  We didn’t put up our tree.  That decision has to do with the simple fact that we are doing some room re-arranging in January, and the room where the big tree normally goes is getting a fresh coat of paint during the week immediately after Christmas.  I was feeling particularly lazy on the day that I decided that I didn’t want to put up a tree only to take it down again the day after the holiday.  Bah humbug and all that, right?

I’ve spent the better part of the day today reviewing the photos from a recent session with the Cunningham family.  I spent some time with them in their home about a week ago, and I did a quick – well, really, really quick – pass for them the day after.  I honestly hadn’t looked at them since.  Today?  Well, after review, I can honestly say that I have never yet felt in the Christmas spirit, until NOW.  After spending some quality time with their photos, I’m super excited about Christmas!  You see, it’s their first child’s first Christmas this year, and Brandi and Tyler were definitely prepared to capture that memory!  I have so many samples to share with you today, because I simply couldn’t choose my favorites!  Check out the Cunningham’s gallery at to see what I mean.  Enjoy!

If you’re a Facebook fan, then you’ve already seen the above photo.  I just couldn’t help but share it again!  If you’re not a Facebook fan…what are you waiting for??  Go HERE and LIKE my page so that you can see photos like the cuteness above FIRST!

And, of course, don’t forget to view The Cunningham’s holiday video, below!  (If you ever miss one, you can catch them all at the Photography By K YouTube Channel, too!)

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