Meet Kyle and Aimee.  They recently had a backyard photo session to commemorate buying their first home!  Well, okay, they’ve been in their home for a little while now, and this was supposed to be my housewarming gift to them.  It just took me longer than anticipated.  You know, first anniversaries are almost as good as the first day, right? 🙂

I digress…happy new(ish) home to Kyle and Aimee!  We had a beautiful session in their yard, and what a gorgeous yard it is!  (Though, I certainly don’t envy Kyle, who is inevitably going to be in charge of raking up the multi-colored leaves.)
Their house happened to be decorated for their upcoming Halloween party when I arrived.  If you can’t tell by the photos below, Kyle and Aimee?  Like to have some fun! (Sometimes, at the expense of their kitties: Pippa and Bowie.  Ha!)

And, of course, don’t miss their video:

Find the Klink’s entire gallery on, too!  Have a great day!

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