Twins!  Oh – this was such an exciting session!  Tiffany and I (and Jason, too) went to school together, and when we found out that she was moving home and wanted us to take some family portraits, we jumped at the opportunity.  Her twin girls are just about 3 1/2, and so darn cute!  Though – I seriously couldn’t tell them apart.  I’d seen photos on Facebook, but in person, these two are exactly the same.  So much so that when we first started, and both girls were dressed alike, I kept glancing over for help from either Tiffany or Matt…my eyes pleading saying “which one am I looking at, here?” without actually saying it out loud.  Something tells me that they are used to that, because without prompting, I would point the camera in one direction and they would call the appropriate name.  If I didn’t say it then, I will formally say it now…Thanks for the shout outs!  They saved the day!

Enjoy a few of my own favorites from our session at the 577 Foundation in Perrysburg.  Then, check out the Becken family gallery on for the rest!

Did I mention how thankful I was for the outfit change midway through our session?  The coordinating pink and white vests were sooooo very helpful in telling the girls apart! 🙂

Don’t forget to peek at their session video, too!

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