Gavin recently had a photo session at Sidecut Metropark to celebrate his 2nd birthday.  You know how people say that some little ones are “all boy”?  Well, Gavin fits that description to a tee!  He took a bit to warm up to the camera, but as soon as I asked him to throw something or climb up on something else, he was totally into it!  And man, can this kid run! 🙂

I went to both high school and college with Gavin’s momma, Erin, and I’ve know his daddy, Kyle, since high school, as well.  When I was editing these photos, I just kept saying “whoa, this one looks JUST like Kyle!” and “wow, he’s definitely his mom’s son…just look at his grin!”.  It’s fun to edit photos for friends.  Now, if they can just NOT wait 2 MORE YEARS before they ask for more!  LOL!

 Ok, so I just had to throw that last one in the mix.  Gavin loved his candy, and I gave him two suckers that day.  The first one disappeared before he even took it out of his mouth.  We had to beg a plead with him to take the second one out for just a moment, but mom had a great idea.  She told him to say “Go Bucks!”, and this was what we got.  A football and OSU fan at 2?  Don’t tell Jason…he might have to help the other side of Gavin’s family along with the “Go Blue” training before our next session! 🙂

Don’t forget that you can see Gavin’s full gallery at  And, please watch his session video, below:

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