Recently, I received a call from Libby.  She wanted to schedule some photos for her girls, their cousin, and their grandmother, Charisse.  We set up the session, and I went on with my business.  On the day of the session, I realized just how special the photos were going to be.  Charisse regularly takes her granddaughters to the Toledo Botanical Gardens for picnics in the summer, and we visited all of their favorite spots.  They even brought along their picnic blanket for a few photos.  What a fun way to celebrate a family tradition – now they’ll have photos to hang on their walls to remember them just as they are now!

Of course, I’ll share with you a few of my favorites, but you just have to check out the Charisse & Family gallery on for the rest!  The older girls really got into being “models” and had some wonderful ideas for poses.  Everyone was so happy that day (despite the wind whipping in fall…)!

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