Renee is the most-awesome-hair-stylist-and-outrageously-fashionable-mom…ever! Yes, she manages my “-do”…which isn’t easy. I mean, I regularly break those ponytail holder thingies because of the thickness and unruliness of my mop. She is actually a genius! That’s the only way that she can be described.

P.S. – Anyone looking for a great stylist? Call Renee Iuele at Reve. You won’t be sorry!

When Renee said that she wanted to get some family pictures taken with her son and their cute pup – Josephine – I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to finally be able to give back (after all of her years of maintaining my crazy tresses, it’s the least I could do!)

When I met her son, Anthony, well – wow. I’ve never met a more polite 12 year old boy in my entire life! Seriously – when we finished the session, he shook our hands and said “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Jaworski, it was very nice to meet you.” I’m sure. I might have written it down as soon as we got back in the car.  Adorable! 🙂

Ok.  Enough chatting…onto my session favorites:

Don’t forget, you can always view all of the session photos by visiting Renee and Anthony’s gallery on  Thanks for stopping by today!

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