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Remember Abbie?  How could you not!  And, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen quite a bit more…and you already know that Abbie was elected as the 2011 Whitmer Senior Homecoming Queen.  Go Abbie!  For her full session, Abbie wanted to get a few photos with her crown:

How awesome!  A huge Congrats to her for winning that title!  We had so much fun, even without the crown (I know, I know…the crown DID make it so much better), as we found the fall colors at Sidecut Metropark, in Maumee.  Don’t get me wrong, Abbie was gorgeous in the summer sun.  Remember this one?:
There was just something about the fall weather, though…I don’t know.  I’ll let you be the judge!  Here are a few more of my favorites:

That last one?  Probably my all-time favorite of her!  Want to see a few more?  Check out Abbie’s full senior portfolio on  And, no posting would be complete without a quick YouTube video of Abbie’s session.  Enjoy!

*Abbie is a Photography By K Senior Rep for Whitmer’s 2012 graduating class.  Do you want to be a Rep (or do you know someone who is going to be a Senior NEXT year – graduating in 2013 – and wants to earn FREE photos)?  Contact me today to find out how you could be the next STAR!

Remember way back when?  Don’t you love how people say that and most of the time they mean some time less than 10 years ago.  Well, this is the same case here…in this instance, I’m referring to two years ago. 🙂  Really, you should try living inside my thoughts…it’s scary in here!

Two years ago, way back when (!), I met the Root family.  I was so happy when Bridgett called me again this year…it was fun to see how much the kiddos had grown!  And?  We had a much warmer day the second time around (albeit, still a touch windy!).

We had a great time this year at the WW Knight Nature Preserve in Perrysburg.  This was only my second time there – it’s a beautiful place to visit.  If you’ve never been, you really should check it out some time!

Here are some of the photos from the Root’s session, and don’t forget to check out their full gallery at!  Thanks for stopping by!

Gavin recently had a photo session at Sidecut Metropark to celebrate his 2nd birthday.  You know how people say that some little ones are “all boy”?  Well, Gavin fits that description to a tee!  He took a bit to warm up to the camera, but as soon as I asked him to throw something or climb up on something else, he was totally into it!  And man, can this kid run! 🙂

I went to both high school and college with Gavin’s momma, Erin, and I’ve know his daddy, Kyle, since high school, as well.  When I was editing these photos, I just kept saying “whoa, this one looks JUST like Kyle!” and “wow, he’s definitely his mom’s son…just look at his grin!”.  It’s fun to edit photos for friends.  Now, if they can just NOT wait 2 MORE YEARS before they ask for more!  LOL!

 Ok, so I just had to throw that last one in the mix.  Gavin loved his candy, and I gave him two suckers that day.  The first one disappeared before he even took it out of his mouth.  We had to beg a plead with him to take the second one out for just a moment, but mom had a great idea.  She told him to say “Go Bucks!”, and this was what we got.  A football and OSU fan at 2?  Don’t tell Jason…he might have to help the other side of Gavin’s family along with the “Go Blue” training before our next session! 🙂

Don’t forget that you can see Gavin’s full gallery at  And, please watch his session video, below:

Recently, I received a call from Libby.  She wanted to schedule some photos for her girls, their cousin, and their grandmother, Charisse.  We set up the session, and I went on with my business.  On the day of the session, I realized just how special the photos were going to be.  Charisse regularly takes her granddaughters to the Toledo Botanical Gardens for picnics in the summer, and we visited all of their favorite spots.  They even brought along their picnic blanket for a few photos.  What a fun way to celebrate a family tradition – now they’ll have photos to hang on their walls to remember them just as they are now!

Of course, I’ll share with you a few of my favorites, but you just have to check out the Charisse & Family gallery on for the rest!  The older girls really got into being “models” and had some wonderful ideas for poses.  Everyone was so happy that day (despite the wind whipping in fall…)!

Renee is the most-awesome-hair-stylist-and-outrageously-fashionable-mom…ever! Yes, she manages my “-do”…which isn’t easy. I mean, I regularly break those ponytail holder thingies because of the thickness and unruliness of my mop. She is actually a genius! That’s the only way that she can be described.

P.S. – Anyone looking for a great stylist? Call Renee Iuele at Reve. You won’t be sorry!

When Renee said that she wanted to get some family pictures taken with her son and their cute pup – Josephine – I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to finally be able to give back (after all of her years of maintaining my crazy tresses, it’s the least I could do!)

When I met her son, Anthony, well – wow. I’ve never met a more polite 12 year old boy in my entire life! Seriously – when we finished the session, he shook our hands and said “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Jaworski, it was very nice to meet you.” I’m sure. I might have written it down as soon as we got back in the car.  Adorable! 🙂

Ok.  Enough chatting…onto my session favorites:

Don’t forget, you can always view all of the session photos by visiting Renee and Anthony’s gallery on  Thanks for stopping by today!

You’ve seen her sneak peek, now get ready to behold the beauty that is Alexes!  Just take a look at a couple of my favorites and tell me that she isn’t gorgeous…go on!  I dare you! 🙂

And, don’t forget to view Alexes’s full session on  See…I told you she was gorgeous!

So…if you didn’t realize it, I was out of town visiting Portland, OR, last week.  Jason and I had fun as tourists (well, when he wasn’t at his conference and I wasn’t in the hotel room working, anyway!), and I’ll have some photos to share with you soon.  But, first – just two days after returning home, my employers at my officey-type job at The Danberry Co., Realtors, had their annual Danberry Treasure Chest Charity Auction.  I’ve been the photographer at the event for a couple of years now, but this year? We wanted to do something extra for them.  Jason agreed to help man the new Photo Booth By K, a large, fun, prop-filled, interactive space where the auction guests could blow off some steam in-between bids.  And we had a blast!  
The kids of this year’s honored family even participated in the booth:

The event wasn’t just for grown ups, either…we had several families in attendance this year:

And yes, of course, the agents and staff from The Danberry Co., had some great fun in the booth, as well:

If you’d like to take a peek at the whole gallery and chuckle (as I did the first time…well, ok, every time), go to and click on the gallery for the Danberry Treasure Chest Charity Auction.

If you’re thinking about renting a booth for your next event, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote.  If you’re unsure, just look at the memories created above…you’ll be glad that you did!

The Cousins! from an earlier post were actually part of the Leathers Family photo session on the BGSU campus.  Their complete session can be viewed in the Leathers Family Gallery on, but if you’d like to view the highlights, please feel free to watch their session video, here:

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Alexes is a Southview Senior, recently re-transplanted back in Ohio (yes, she’s originally from here) from Naples, FL.  We seriously picked the coldest day so far this fall to head out to the Lake for some Senior Portraits.  She loves the cold weather, though, and is actually looking forward to the winter (so she told me).  Wait for the ice, Alexes…wait for the ice. 😉

Here are a couple of my favorites, but there will be lots more coming soon!

iPhone Photo of the week month quarter is back! 🙂

Here is a quick shot of a beer from Deschutes Brewery and Public House in Portland, Oregon.  I believe that this one was a sample of the Crown Point Brown (What?  You don’t consider a .5 liter a “sample”?  Semantics…)

Survey says?  Delicious!

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